27 Mar 2017

Bridal Skincare Must Haves

Since our engagement (yes, I've gotten engaged since I last posted on my blog and if you'd like to know more about the wedding you can watch my bridal series on my YouTube channel HERE), I've been trying to put skincare to the top of my priorities list. When it comes to an inconsistent skincare routine, I have to admit, in the past I have been a huge culprit. With quite oily skin, I have always made taking my makeup off before bed a priority but after that my past skincare routine starts to fizzle out. 

Realistically, skincare should always be a priority but for some reason, it tends to take a big event (like your upcoming nuptials) to make you actually take it seriously. Having said that, in the months following our engagement I've stumbled across some real gems that have kicked my skincare routine into high gear. Whether it's to clear up unwanted blemishes or to give your skin a surge of hydration these products are must haves for Brides-To-Be!


Finding the right cleanser has been a real task for me but I really think I've found my holy grail. Having dabbled in using a couple of other cleansers, I've always found myself reaching back for this one. The Eve Lom Cleanser is a cleansing balm that softly melts away your makeup whilst it gently exfoliates and tones your skin leaving it looking visibly brighter. Perfect if you find your skin looking a little dull or lacklustre (wedding planning can take is toll) and great for all skin types!

Toner - the unsung hero of skincare. I'll be the first to admit that I thought toner was a completely unnecessary step until I found products that made it totally necessary. Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a cult classic that I was immediately drawn to because of it's claim to help with acne scaring. It is basically a skin resurfacing treatment - think of an over-night facial to help brighten your skin. Anything with Glycolic acid is going to remove dead skin cells and leave you with glowing skin. This toner in particular can only be used every second day.

Another toner that you will find atop the list of the beauty community's most sought after products is Pixi's Glow Tonic. Glow Tonic can be used everyday - I tend to use it on the days that I'm not using Liquid Gold. You'll notice an immediate difference in the luminosity of your skin with this product too! 


Whether it's to minimise pores, deep clean or hydrate, masks are a great way of giving your skin an extra boost in the run up to your wedding.

Having fallen for Alpha H's Liquid Gold the obvious progression was to try out Alpha H Liquid Gold Smoothing & Perfecting Mask. This mask is designed to treat all types of problematic skin, clearing up clogged pores, pigmentation, acne etc. It has 15% Glycolic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells. I like to use it once a week for brighter skin!

Wedding planning can really stress your skin out leaving it feeling congested and dull. This is when I like to reach for the Eve Lom Rescue Mask to give my skin the boost it needs. It's a really luxurious mask that will deep clean your skin without leaving it feeling stripped. I notice an immediate difference in my skin after using this!

If you have oily skin and it's in need of a detox the First Aid Beauty Purifying Mask with Red Clay your answer. It's going to draw out any impurities, reduce pores and matify your skin. This is also a peel off mask - so that's kinda fun. 


A 25 step skincare routine isn't everyones cup of tea (it certainly isn't mine) but one step that I've grown to love is serum! Serums tend to be a little more strongly formulated and because you apply it after toner and before moisturiser, it sends those ingredients directly into your skin. 

I tend to use serum mostly at night - Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a firm favourite. Fantastic for dehydrated or dry skin, this serum will leave you waking up glowing - every bride's favourite! It's also made of 99% natural ingredients so great if you're sensitive!

If I'm ever to apply a serum in the morning, it will always be the Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum. It's lightweight and velvety finish makes it the perfect serum to apply before makeup. 


Three products to round off your bridal skincare routine.

A good moisturiser is always an essential. My go to is the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. A little really goes a long way with this product but it will will keep your skin hydrated all day long. It's intended to help reduce moisture loss in the skin, so great if you're on a flight, in air conditioned rooms or colder climates!

To hydrate the under eye after a long day or a sleepless night, I reach for Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado - one of very few eye creams that I find leaves a noticeable difference. It's a super luxurious product to give your under eye area a surge of moisture leaving you looking bright eye'd and bushy tailed. 

To combat dreaded chapped lips, I find the Eve Lom Kiss Mix to be a life saver! This is one product I've picked up from my Mum, who uses it religiously. It protects your lips from UV rays and the wind (I always wear it when I'm out walking) it can also be worn over lipsticks for a glossy finish or as a simple gloss on a no makeup day. The menthol might be my favourite part though - hello tingly, pouty lips!


When you put so much effort into your skincare routine, you'd expect never to get a spot again. Sadly that's not the case as what you put into your body makes just as much impact (if not more) to your skin as your products do (cleaning up my diet is my next obstacle!). For days that I'm battling blemishes I like to use spot treatments. Eve Lom Dynaspot and the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion are my go to treatments for zapping spots. They are both very similar products that will have you saying bye to your blemishes in no time - I like to keep the Dynaspot in my bedside locker / in my travel bag as it's a little more travel friendly.

Whether you're in the run up to your big day, a special event or you just want to get your skin into ship shape, all of these products will leave you super hydrated and glowing!



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