29 Oct 2014

Fall Haul

Hey Lovebugs!

My blogging mojo has kinda sorta disappeared this month, I've straight up been terrible at finding time to sit down to put a post together. Things have been super busy - work, life, friends.. I'm sure you all know the feeling. Haha. But the main thing is I've been enjoying myself (searching for a positive here. haha)!

Anyhoos, I've purchased a few bits and bobs (some necessary, most not so necessary) over the course of October that I've completely fallen in love with - so I thought I'd share!

Essie | 'Bahama Mama', 'Chinchilly', 'Sand Tropez' & 'Fiji'
This was a completely unnecessary purchase. Usually when my nails are painted it's not me that does the work - the girls at Shavata are my little nail army. So why I needed four nail polishes I'll never know. At the time I was thinking 'yes, score!' at the fact that I'd found a decent selection of Essie polishes, so I'll blame the excitement.

Impulse buy aside, I actually do love the quality of Essie nail polishes and they always produce the most gorgeous shades - so I'll be making a goal of actually using these babies throughout Fall / Winter. When it comes to choosing nail colours I tend to stick to neutrals and the odd berry tone (I do like to mix it up a bit in the Summer though), so these shades are right up my street. If you're into keeping your nails looking sleek, these would be a fab addition to your beauty arsenal.

MAC | 'Blankety' Lipstick
Thisssssss!!! You guys, you have no idea how much I love this lipstick. It's literally been my go-to for the past two months but alas, my first little bullet has... bit the bullet? (TeeHee!) So I had to pick up another last week. Pair this with 'Stone' Lipliner from MAC and you've got my dream lip combo. I know nude lipsticks can be a bit daunting sometimes - if you pick the wrong one it can look like you've slapped concealer all over your lips - but this is the perfect pinky toned nude. Cannot recommend it enough - you NEED it, I swear!

Inglot | Loose Powder
You all know I'm a huge advocate of Inglot's products. I heart their foundation and the pigment in their eye shadow is unbelievable (yes, on par with MAC - but half the price!). So when I ran out of loose setting powder I decided to pick up some of theirs. I bagged one of the pinky toned shades (11) but it's more or less translucent when applied. It gives a gorgeous finish and I LOVE how big the tub of this stuff is! Cant see me running out too soon!

#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso
... my new Bible. I'm a little late to the party but honestly, this is one of the most empowering and motivational books that I've ever read. Penned by the Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal (the online retailer - I'm sure you know it and if you don't, you need to!), this book tells the story of Sophia's rise to #GIRLBOSS status. #GIRLBOSS is full of real advice for gals with big dreams... and I mean real advice. Sophia in no way shape or form walks around on eggshells trying to be 'nicey-nicey' about what it takes to get places - this book is littered with wakeup calls like 'You are not a special snowflake'. Haha. Don't get me wrong, she's not nasty (teehee, rollin' out the puns today) about it - she's just real - and I appreciate that. It feels like you're getting advice from a friend (who's a total badass!). I finished this book in next to no time and as soon as I closed the last page I felt more motivated than ever to get up off my ass and do something productive.
If you don't get anything else from this haul, you need to at least read a review on this or something!
Amazing . Amazing . Amazing 

And that's all from my Fall Haul!
See anything ya like?

Let me know in the comments below!

XO, G.

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11 Oct 2014

Halloween Makeovers

Waddup love bugs! It's 'bout to get super Halloween-y on le blawwgg!

I'm probably one of the most festive people you'll ever meet in your whole entire life. My year basically revolves around getting overly excited for Halloween and Christmas (yes, I said the 'C' word). So once 1st of October came knockin' around I hit the shops for face paints and got down to business.

Not everybody enjoys the panic of trying to get a costume ready for Halloween, sometimes letting your makeup do the talkin' can be fun (and a lot less hassle. Haha). So I decided to pop together a few makeup looks that, if you just have a few paints/makeup and a little bit of patience, aren't too difficult to pull off but look super striking. You'll have heads turning all night lawwwngg!

The Black Swan
A tiara & a black dress / a tutu and you're ready to hit the town with this look!

Cartoon Wounds
I'm pretty sure you could put on any outfit and cover your neck & hands in fake blood and you'd be scary as hell.

You really can't go wrong with a cat. Haha. I don't know how many cats I seen strolling around on Halloween last year (and I'm not talkin' 'bout the animals), but if you're not up for guts and gore and still wanna look kinda cute, they're a great option.

Sugar Scull
This baby is what I opted for last Halloween. I didn't have time to put an entire costume together but I wanted to do something creative with my makeup. What's great about Sugar Sculls is that they can be as simple or as detailed as you want. When I was putting this look together last week I decided to add a petal design to the centre of my eye sockets and popped on some diamonds (which somehow make it look as if you've put tonnes of effort into your scull!).

Also... if you're not following me on social media you may have missed out on a few of these...

... I'll be posting lots more looks over the course of the month, so make sure you're following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you don't miss a thannngg!

Do you know what you're dressing up as for Halloween this year?
Are you more of a costume or a face paint person?

Let me know in the comments!!

XO, G.

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1 Oct 2014

September Favourites

Well would you look at that! It's the 1st of October and you know what that means... it's officially acceptable for me to pull out all my cosy cardigans and layer up like there's no tomorrow!

It also means that it's time for September favourites. I'm pretty sure this is the first time a 'favourites' post has appeared on the blawwwg and that's really only because there are usually very few products / things that I love enough for the entire month to feature them in a favourites post.

I think some of these will actually remain favourites over the month of October but what the hey, lets get into it!

1. 'Shwing' Liquid Liner - The Balm
I cannot physically explain how much I adore this liner. Seriously though guys, I'm the pickiest person in the world when it comes to liquid liners - I judge them like no other - and this is hands down one of the best that I've tried... ever. The formula is fantastic, it's super easy to apply (the little felt-tip pen is a godsend) and it's blacker than black! LOVE . LOVE . LOVE. 

2. Filmstar Bronze & Glow - Charlotte Tilbury
One word - stunning! This fabulously packaged gem holds two of my favourite face sculpting products for the month of September. The contour shade gives you cheekbones you never knew you had - winning - but the highlight is the real star of the show. I'm not quite sure I can tell you how gorgeous this stuff is but if you find yourself around a CT counter swatch it, you won't regret it!

3. YSM Foundation - Inglot
I chop and change between foundations like there's no tomorrow, so it's not often that you'll find me sticking to just one for an extended period of time. However, this month I've found myself gravitating towards Inglot's YSM foundation almost every day. I've worn it to graduations, birthdays and on holiday and it hasn't let me down. I think it's a really great foundation for most skin types and the coverage is fantastic.

4. 'Stone' Lipliner & 'Blankety' Lipstick - MAC
I thought I'd group these two babies together pretty much because they're the lip combo I've been loving recently. I haven't transitioned just yet into darker lips but this combo is a great in-between. I half fill in my lips with the liner and then go over them with Blankety and it creates a cool brown toned shade that I love.

5. major MAJOR lash mascara - Stila
Mother bear randomly landed home with this stuff for me a few weeks ago as a little treat and I ended up loving it. Just like foundations, I chop and change between mascaras like crazy. I honestly don't have a preference between higher end or drug store mascaras. This stuff does it's job and gives my lashes great length and volume!

1. Summer Scoop - Yankee Candle
First off, I'll just let you know I'm completely obsessed with Yankee Candles. Pretty much every room in the house has at least 1 but this is the candle I've been burning in my makeup room as of late. I was trying to burn out my Vanilla Cupcake candle before I started this one but I just couldn't help myself, it's just so freekin yummy. I think it smells exactly like raspberry ripple ice-cream so Yankee Candle have certainly got their naming spot on with this one! Regardless of the 'Summer' aspect, I expect I'll be burning this throughout October too. 

2. Divergent
Yes, I caved. I fell into the Twilight trap and the Hunger Games trap and I thought I'd avoid this one but I failed. Haha. Before I hopped off to Italy last month I wanted to pick up a book to read by the pool, something that was super lighthearted - an easy read basically. Divergent seemed like a good option, I bought it, I liked it, it ended up in a favourites post - deal. Haha.

3. Kérastase Discipline Hair Mask
This stuff has been a life saver for me this month. Just before I went off on holidays I decided to go a little blonder (you may have noticed in my makeup posts) so obviously my hair was a tad drier than usual. This stuff seems to have got my locks into great condition again. I use it as a hair mask once a week and you can literally tell straight away (like as soon as you wash it out) that this is doing your hair the world of good. I love and I'll be buying more.

4. So...? Sexy*
And last but not least, a fragrance. I'm pretty sure that anybody born in the 90s has owned at least one of these little babies - I think my bedroom was well stocked from birthday presents and whatnot. However I had a little blast from the past when these landed at my doorstep at the start of the month and ended up falling back in love with one of them. I've been using So...? Sexy mostly at night. I think it's a perfect scent for evening meals with your other half or nights out - it's a little stronger than most things I'd go for during the day.

And that's a wrap for my September Favourties!
Let me know if you see anything you like!

XO, G.

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