25 Sept 2017


I am and always will be a morning person. There's just something about getting up bright and early that really helps to set the tone for a productive day. Don't get me wrong, I love a good lie in every now and then but if it happens unintentionally I feel like I've wasted the best part of the day! Something that I find really helps keep me together in the morning is having a little ritual - things that I do every morning to set me up for the day.

1. I remember my Dad telling me that making your bed every morning has a really positive impact on your behaviour throughout the rest of the day and ever since I heard that I have always made my bed. I know it's such a small task but if you think about it, it would be very easy to say 'it's fine, I'll do it later' or to just pull the covers up over the pillows and leave it at that but I find that making my bed every morning and knowing that it looks good and most importantly tidy gives me a sense of accomplishment... as silly as that sounds. Anyway, it does really make me feel like I can get things done!

2. After making my bed I always move straight on to my makeup. I know that applying makeup isn't a priority to everyone but I like to prioritise tasks in relation to how long they're going to take. If you know that something is going to take a little extra time, get it done first.

3. As much as I try to make my mornings all about being productive and getting things done, I think it's important to have something to look forward to - for me, that's a hot cup of tea! When I wake up I genuinely really look forward to having that first cup of tea (I know, it's an addiction. Haha). Generally it's sitting beside me while I'm doing my makeup but when I do have an extra 5 or 10 minutes, I'll sit on the couch and savour it.

4. I'm a note taker and a list maker! I start every day by making a list of tasks that I want to accomplish no matter how small. On this particular day I had lots of small jobs to do - those are always the ones that take up the most time! Being able to tick each task off as I complete it makes me ridiculously happy. Haha.

5. Nowadays I really make an effort to make time for a nutritious Breakfast. I haven't always been a breakfast person but I find that it keeps me on track until Lunchtime and stops me from hitting a slump at around 11am. Eggs are my go to and if I can I'll squeeze in some mushrooms, I could eat mushrooms for days!
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