20 Mar 2015

My Cinderella | Swatches & Makeup Look

It's no surprise that the Disney obsessed child in me had to get it's hands on the new Cinderella Collection from MAC. I honestly can't express how embarrassingly excited I was when I heard it was being released - Sleeping Beauty is my numero uno but Cinderella does rank among my favourite Disney princesses, so getting to look kinda like her is an obvious bonus. haha. 

Anyway, as the collection had released a little later in Ireland than in the rest of the world I'd heard and watched a lot of reviews of the collection before I was physically able to purchase it, so I had a good idea of what I needed to have and what wasn't so necessary. Tons of people weren't too impressed with it saying that a lot of what they had included in the collection was a tad too similar to previously existing MAC products but let's face it, I'm a Disney-fanatic so the packaging and the names of the products alone were enough to drag me in. Haha. Here's a little look at what I picked up!...

- Cinderella Glitter 'Reflects Pearl' (€25)

- Cinderella Iridescent Pressed Powder 'Coupe D'Chic' (€30)

- Cinderella Lipstick 'Free As A Butterfly' (€21.50)

- Cinderella Lipstick 'Royal Ball' (€21.50)

Firstly the packaging is the most beautiful shade of sky blue - slightly pearlescent, super sleek and very 'Disney'. Obviously they were going for something that would scream Cinderella and what better than the colour of the infamous ball gown! Everything is trimmed in gold - super luxe. Some part of me wishes they had included a little illustration of Cinderella and then another part yells, no too much - haha. So I think they kinda hit the nail on the head.

Cinderella Lipsticks 'Royal Ball' (R) & 'Free As A Butterfly' (L)
Both gorgeous neutral shades in a 'lustre' finish, which is one of my personal favourites. Royal Ball is more on the pink side and Free As A Butterfly is more champagne. Absolutely stunning on - perfect for S/S.

'Coup D'Chic' Cinderella Iridescent Pressed Powder 
STUN-NING! While it does need to be built up a little, once you've got it - wow. I actually had several people complement my highlight the day I wore this, always a plus! It gives of an almost rose gold hue which is super pretty. Love this one.

Cinderella Glitter 'Reflects Pearl'
A super fine white silver glitter. I can never have enough of these little pots of glittery goodness from MAC - they last forever too!

And here's the makeup look... 

When I think Cinderella, I think girly and demure and I wanted to translate that into a makeup look. Thankfully I'd skipped tan the day my bits and pieces arrived, so I went for porcelain skin, a very simple eye (slightly contoured with MAC's 'Cork' Shadow) defined with a feline flick, fluttery lashes, a soft blush (when you apply the iridescent powder it almost acts as a 2 in 1 - blush and highlight) and a pinky nude lip ('Royal Ball').

Did any of you pick up anything from the Cinderella collection?
Let me know what you liked in the comments!

XO, G.

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