7 Sept 2015

Drab To Fab: 5 Easy Ways To Transform Your College Room

Before I started College in Dublin one thing I couldn't wait to do was decorate my new room. Moving out of home was a little daunting for 18 year old me but I knew that with the help of a few simple additions, my college room would turn into my very own home away from home in no time. While my room didn't quite measure up to the standards of the Pinterest perfect rooms in this post, it was close. It was cozy, comfortable and most of all it felt like home. Since so many of you are starting back to college this month, I figured now was as good a time as any to share my idea of the dreamiest 'college dorm' decor!

Here are a few simple ways to transform your college room into your own personal paradise - you'll never want to leave!

1. Add Pillows... Lots And Lots Of Pillows. And while your at it, throw as many layers on to your bed as possible. Plush duvets, cable knit blankets, hot water bottles, you name it - throw it all on your bed. Every extra layer brings the comfort of your room to a whole new level.

2. Create An Inspiration Board. Most college's provide their campus accommodation with cork boards but don't just leave it sitting empty for the year, grab some sheets of coloured paper and chic push pins from a craft store and get pinning your favourite quotes, pictures from home, assessment deadlines and college momentos. This will keep you organised all whilst providing your room with a little personal element!

Photo: via Pinterest

3. All Of The Lights. You wouldn't believe the difference that lighting will make. Whether you go for a string of fairy lights or a bunch of candles, it totally transforms the ambience of your room.

Photo via Etsy

4. Get Crafty. Nothing adds a personal touch quite like a little DIY. Get your creative hat on and embellish your wall with a tassel garland (find out how to make one of those HERE). Glitter covered mason jars can turn into the storage of dreams - use them to hold your make-up brushes, pens or toiletries.

Photo: Popsugar

Photo via lilyshop.com

5. Decorate Your Workspace With Sassy Stationary. My favourite. Automatically transform your boring work desk with the addition of some kick ass stationary - whether you opt for chic gold accents or multi coloured madness, it makes a huge difference. My weakness? Kate Spade. (This is an appropriate time for the heart eyes emoji).

Photo via Pinterest

How have you decided to decorate your college room this year?
Have you got any tips for decorating a small space?

XO Grace


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