17 Sept 2014

NAILED IT! | Acrylics by Shavata Nail Bar

Happy Hump Day Lovebugs!

One of my favourite things to do EVER is to get my claws did. I've been getting my acrylics done with Shavata, Dundrum for almost two years now - completely addicted if you can't already tell - but this is the first appearance they've made on the blawwgg as I've been giving my nails a chance to breath over the Summer!

You've probably heard me yap on about Shavata, Dundrum before - they're the only place I go for eyebrow threading (you can find a post on that here) and gel / acrylic nails! The girls are super friendly and I never leave the place not completely in love with my fresh new set of nails! You know when you just trust someone with your nails or your hair or your eyebrows - yeah that's the bond I've got with this place!

This post kind of ties in to my mini Graduation series - I found an excuse to get my nails did especially for the occasion. I opted for a nude-ish pink 3 week polish and went all out by bedazzling my ring finger with different sized stones & pearls - you can't beat a statement nail! (BTW, all those babies are still in tact 2 weeks on!)

I always tend to go for a slightly pointed almond shaped nail because it suits my nail bed / the length of my fingers best. I can't help but feelin' super sassy with these babies on! I always get asked if it's super hard to do anything with such long nails, but it's really not - I can apply makeup both to myself and other people, I can type, txt, cook... you name it really. They're not sore at all to apply or remove either!

I've had these on now for almost 2 weeks, so I'll more than likely get another week and a half out of them before I have to get refills with the rate that my nails grow - but I'm so excited to have my claws back!

Also, if you're looking for somewhere to get your nails done in the Dublin area that is totally professional but with super friendly staff and a really relaxed atmosphere - you should really check out Shavata in Harvey Nichols Dundrum!
You can find all their deets here - Harvey Nichols Website

I know they're not everyones taste but I'd love to know if you'd rock this style of nail?
Let me know in the comments below!


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