15 Sept 2014

What I Wore | Graduation Day Edition

Oh heyyyy strangers!
Mhmmm, I know! I've been a bit of a bold blogger for the past couple of weeks but not because I've been lazy, I've been super busy! I promise! I may not have had new content as often as I'd have liked over the last week or two but it's not all bad, it means that I've gathered up LOTS of new material for you all to feast your eyes on!

Today's post is somewhat of an explanation for my absence! Last week I graduated from University with a real life degree - WHAT? Seriously, those three years went in quicker than you could imagine! The day was a little bit bitter sweet though. Sitting in the hall realising that I wasn't going to be going back to classes the following week felt a little weird, sad almost - never thought I'd hear myself saying that. BUUUTTT, I did get the chance to dress up and pop on a cap and gown, and let's face it that's half the fun of graduating!

I thought my graduation would be the perfect excuse to kick start some more fashion posts here on the blawwwg, so here goes!

I'm gonna be honest with you here, I'd actually searched around Dublin for 2 days straight for something to wear to my graduation and left only to go back to my own closet the night before and rummage around for something to wear - really though, I'm glad. It meant that I didn't have to shell out a fortune on a new outfit. Haha.

Just a personal opinion, but I think that classy and sophisticated is the way to go for a graduation - and let's face it, nothing is more classy than pearls and a little black dress. I fell in love with this strapless bandeau prom style dress from River Island all the way back in February (it's the perfect length for my height) and thought that it'd be fab paired with my new grey wool coat from Zara.

On a side note, black is kinda perf. for wearing under your robe and you can be sure it's not going to clash with your University's colours.

If it's kinda unclear as to what I'm wearing under the coat, here's a closer look!
What I Wore - Graduation Edition

To accessorise, I popped on my most comfortable heals from River Island just to make sure there was no chance of me tripping up the stairs en route to collect my certificate. I grabbed my go to chain mail clutch from Biba, threw on my chunky pearl necklace from Zara and stacked up rings like there was no tomorrow. 

Considering I had absolutely no idea what I was wearing the night before my graduation, I'm actually really happy with how my outfit turned out. It's chic and timeless and you really can't go wrong with that little pairing!

I'll be popping up some more graduation posts throughout the week so you can get a closer look at my nails and makeup but for now I hope you've enjoyed the first of *hopefully* more personal style posts!

XO, G.

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