18 Nov 2014

Not Your Ordinary Stationary • Kate Spade

Hey Lovebugs!

Yes, I'm one of those stationary obsessed crazies who lusts over cute sticky notes and quirky pens and pencils. I can't be the only one who's favourite part about going back to school / college was doing the stationary run for brand spankin' new copies and pencil cases. Haha.

Anyhoos, when I heard that some of, New York designer, Kate Spade's stationary had hit the shelves at Brown Thomas' Marvel Room, I made sure to drop a few not so subtle hints to the fam just in time for my birthday and lucky for me those extremely obvious hints didn't go unnoticed - I woke up to these fab little bits and pieces last weekend!

Talk about a stationary lovers dream!

From highlighters, to sticky notes and those unbelievably cool paper clips (I mean, come on. There's a hashtag there!!), I'm in my element. I'm one of those people that needs to write lists / notes for everything, so I'll be getting a crazy amount of use out of these!

My little Kate Spade obsession has grown considerably since Erika from Retro Flame moved to New York and is forever posting drool worthy pictures of the New York store on Instagram! BUT lucky for us Irish fans, Kate Spade has recently opened a boutique in Kildare Village of all places! You know what that means - you can get all of this stuff and lots more at discounted prices! Amazing Christmas prezzies, no? I'm ridiculously excited to get down and clear out the store. Haha.

Anyone else have a Kate Spade obsession?
Or even just a stationary obsession?...

Let me know in the comments! 

XO, G.

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