4 Nov 2014

The Berry Lip 4 Ways

Hey Lovebugs,

Slightly cheating with my post today as I've also included it in the latest edition of The College Tribune (UCD, Dublin's campus newspaper if you're not familiar with it! You should check it out. Lots of talented writers!) - but I couldn't let you miss out on all the lip product goodness!

Winter has well and truly made itself known here in Ireland at this stage (it's frickin' freezing - almost). I don't know about you all but Winter is my favourite time of year, not only is it my birthday but it also calls for cosy nights in with family and friends, chunky knits, lots of food, toasty fires, festive to-go cups (I don't know why I love them so much. Haha.) and CHRISTMAS (yes, I said the 'C' word)!!

In terms of Winter makeup, I can't think of anything more fitting than a berry lip but not everybody gets as hyped as I do about going over to the dark side (tee hee), so I thought I'd put together a few different ways that I like to rock the seasonal trend!

Berry lips are one of those trends that you can either dip your toe into or jump into wholeheartedly - hence why I've shown you 4 different ways to wear them. Those of you that want to give the darker lip colour a bash without it looking like you're clinging on to the last remnants of Halloween can opt for something a little more sheer / pale, like the options that I've aptly named 'The Everyday' (Dior Kiss – ‘Lychee Rose’ Lipgloss) or 'The Inbetween-er' (Fuschia – ‘Love Affair’ Lip Lacquer*).

If you're feeling like embracing the darker lip (something that I tend to do more often than not) then 'The Classic One' (Fuschia ‘Vamp’ Lipstick*& 'The Night Out' (MAC ‘Rebel’ Lipstickare the shades for you gurl! In the picture above I'm rockin' MAC's Rebel with a black liner blended in - not as scary looking as you'd think, right? Obviously you don't have to go as heavy on the eye makeup as I have but that's what my face was feelin' that day!

The number one thing that you've gotta remember about a berry lip is that it's a little bit like liquid liner, it can sense your fear. So as long as you approach that baby with confidence you'll be flying!

How do you wear your berry lip?
Do you have any of these shades in your makeup arsenal?

Let me know in the comments!

XO, G.

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