8 Jan 2015

This Year I Wanna...

  • Start drinking coffee - I love the smell, so it can't be that hard right?
  • Travel - NYC here I come.
  • Improve my photography - I've found a new love in my camera.
  • Read more books (good old paper books - not online).
  • Post more personal style posts on the blog - Fashion has my heart.
  • Try new foods - hey maybe salads can taste good too.
  • Be more positive.
  • Make a change to my hair.
  • Be more proactive in the morning time (the little things. haha).
  • Build another MAC eyeshadow palette.
  • Say YES to more things.
  • See another musical.
  • Pay more attention to my YouTube channel.
  • Keep improving my makeup skills.
  • See more of Ireland.
  • Become a Disney princess 
... okay the last one was a tad unrealistic, but a gal can dream! Haha

What are your plans for this year?
Let me know in the comments!

XO, G.

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