11 Feb 2016

A Glimpse At My Apartment + My Thoughts On Moving Out Of Home

I've done it! I've moved out of home.

After months of working on this little project with my Mam, I've finally packed up my things and moved them into a little place that I can call my own. A few years back, I remember asking my Mam when was the right time to move out of home (like there was an unwritten rule that you have to move out at a specific age) and she told me that I'd 'just know' - for me, I guess that age was 23. 

Although I love my family home (I've lived there for two whole decades and then some) I don't think you can beat having a space of your own. In the few short days that I've been living here I've been finding myself being so much more productive. You mightn't think it but living with a large group of people can really shape the way you spend your time - even if it's something as simple as the time you eat at. Haha. 

Moving home has felt like starting the year all over again. When decorating the apartment it was really important to me that it was super bright but still very cosy and homey. Honestly, waking up in the morning to a super bright room gives me so much motivation. 

Paying bills, rent and all that jazz is a little bit of a new thing to me (I didn't experience it to the same extent in College). Trying to organise little things like waste bins, phone lines and parking are all things I haven't had to deal with before but to be completely honest, it pushes me to want to do things that I'm not comfortable doing. You'd be surprised how nervous I get talking to people on the phone that I don't know! Haha. Even though it's a bit scary sometimes being uncomfortable is a good thing! If you stay in your safe zone forever you'll never move forward, experience new things or achieve your goals!

Packing was another thing that I didn't anticipate being so difficult. I figured out that I have way too much clothes, most of which I haven't worn since I was in school and a lot of which I had to leave behind! Also, who knew a girl could own so many chargers... the things you find when you're pulling your bedroom apart. 

The first food shop was interesting. I never realised how long it actually takes to push a trolly around a supermarket when you're in bargain hunting mode, nor did I realise how much it was going to cost when you have to pick up all the staples like oil, sugar, ketchup and coffee (which I don't drink, but what if someone else wants it?).

The place isn't completely finished, so for now I thought I'd share a few snippets of how I've decorated different areas of the apartment. It's coming together nicely and is 100% my taste. If you follow me on Snapchat (Username: grace.edenny) you'll know I picked up some unbelievable pieces  over the last 6 months in TK MAXX which is amazing for kitting out your home with pretty things at discounted prices, so if you're in the market, you know where to go! 

All is going well with the big move so far! I have a feeling I'll never be finished picking up little bits and pieces for this place. Who'd have thought that at 23 I'd be spending my Saturday nights scrolling through interiors boards on Pinterest and searching the length and breadth of the internet to find the perfect bedding? I don't think I'd have it any other way! Haha.



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