15 Feb 2016

Investment Pieces • The Céline Phantom

When it comes to my everyday bags I always have been and I always will be someone who invests in a really well made item that will stand the test of time... and the test of a busy schedule. On occasion, I've strolled out of River Island thinking that I snapped up a bargain after finding a stunning bag for under €30 only to find it falling apart after a few weeks wear. As I've gotten older, I've found that these off the cuff purchases are always the ones that I regret. 

This leads me to the crux of this post. There aren't many 'bold' things that I like to spend my money on - I don't smoke and I very rarely drink - but for the longest time bags (and fashion in general) have been a penchant of mine and I would rather invest my money in a classic, timeless bag that will hold its shape, style and quality forevermore in comparison to the short shelf life of its high-street counterpart. Don't get me wrong, when it comes to these types of investments I certainly don't make my decision lightly, in fact, sometimes I take an annoyingly long time milling over the purchase but it is always worth it in the end.

The Céline Phantom

I purchased the Céline Phantom two weeks ago and I can without a doubt say it is my favourite purchase of 2016 thus far, although I feel as though it will be the stand out purchase of the year come December too. 

I wear it with absolutely everything. It is the perfect day-to-night bag, large enough to (carefully) throw your diary, phone and basically the kitchen sink into but sleek enough to take out to dinner. I decided on the medium size in black. Over the past year or two I eyed a number of different Céline Phantoms in a plethora of colours but the black is much more timeless and as a result, holds its value to a better degree - not to mention the fact that it is much more 'me' than the colour blocked versions (you know me and my neutrals!). I love it for it's simplicity, it's classic shape and it's durability - it's quite the sturdy little bag.

The Purchase

I purchased my Céline Phantom from the little treasure trove that is Designer Exchange. Designer Exchange is a consignment store tucked away in Dublin City Centre. It buys, sells and exchanges designer bags (and other accessories too) so you're guaranteed to pick up a little discount on your purchase. I've only had the most fantastic experiences dealing with Paddy in store. I can't recommend their services enough. They make sure all of their bags are authenticated and in the best shape possible before selling. As you can clearly see, although my Céline was pre-owned, there is barely any sign of wear - it's as good as new! It also came with it's dust bag and all of the original authentication tags which are both things I love to see when purchasing a pre-owned item. What I love most about the store is that every purchase has a back story - when it was bought, why it was being sold, who the previous owner was - it has a little bit of history!

Before You Invest, Consider...

As I mentioned, I really do put a lot of thought into these types of purchases as I want to ensure that I'm making the right decision. A few questions I like to ask myself are, 'Will it work with your wardrobe?', 'Is it durable?', 'Can you use it for all occasions?' or 'Would you be happy only using it for special occasions?', 'Is there another bag you would rather at this price point?' and 'Is this piece timeless?'.

These are all things that I think are important to consider before you invest, no matter what your price range... even if it's just a quick run through in your head before you purchase!

 The verdict thus far? I'M IN LOVE!

What I'm Wearing
Coat: Zara
Dress: River Island
Boots: River Island
Bag: Céline


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