24 Feb 2014

Motivational Monday

I dunno about you, but for me, the start of the week means another "I'll start on Monday" get fit plan.

Most weeks I'll begin with such great intentions. There'll be plans to get into the gym 5 days a week and I'll even attempt to organise meal plans for healthier options but as the week goes on, slowly but surely, the cupcakes and rocky road bars begin to taunt me and my motivation will magically vanish!
I secretly loath people who love to work out and motivate themselves to get into the gym 5 days a week - just wanna punch 'em in the face (just joking, totally wanna be them. HELP! haha.)

As I was doing my usual rounds through the blogosphere this morning I came across this awesome idea on laurenconrad.com (yes I do still watch re-runs of The Hills, oh how I miss LC!) that might actually kick my butt into gear and encourage me to keep up my fitness routine - The Motivational Money Jar.

Here's the idea:
Everytime you hit the gym or exercise, you put one euro/dollar/pound (or your equivalent) into your jar and if you feel you've really pushed yourself - try for 5 euros. Then, every couple of months you cash in on your hard work and treat yourself!
Keep your jar somewhere where you'll see it often and it will keep you motivated!

This is ideal for someone looking to both motivate themselves to get fit and save some dolla! (I'll raise my hand to that one!)

Do you think the Motivational Money Jar would work for you?
Have you got any tips for keeping focused when it comes to your fitness regime? 
If so, help a girl out and let me know in the comments! :) 

XO, G.

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