22 Feb 2014

Social Media Do's & Don'ts

Let's face it, it happens everyday! You're scrolling through your Facebook timeline or your Twitter feed and you come across an argument that's getting a little too personal or a picture that's clearly putting someone in an awkward position. 

Welcome to the digital age ladies and gents! 
In today's world we are constantly in contact with others, whether you're sitting in a lecture Snapchatting your friends, in a hair salon scrolling through your Twitter feed while you wait for your blow-dry or straight up chilling out in your bed reading the newest updates on Facebook. Now more than ever we should be aware of putting our best foot forward online, just because you are behind a computer screen or your phone shouldn't mean that manners and straight up common sense should go out the window!

The Do's: 
  • Do remember that what you post online will always follow you - people tend to think that they can take chances when they're behind the keyboard and say things they wouldn't normally say in 'real life'. If you wouldn't say it to someone in person, then you probably shouldn't post it online.
  • Do remember that what you post online can affect others. Think before you tag someone in a photograph or upload a picture that will clearly put them in a compromising position. Put yourself in their shoes for a second and think how you feel when someone puts up the most unflattering photograph ever - not so good.
  • Do turn a blind eye to negativity. Just because you're polite online doesn't mean that others are going to be too. As someone who is on YouTube, I've ample experience of this - luckily not too much though! By putting your content online you are opening yourself up to being judged by others. People will post negative comments just to get a reaction sometimes. Social media is the exact same - if someone is being mean or attempting to start an argument, it's best to just ignore it. Be the bigger person.
  • Do act how you would want to be treated - that one's simple!
The Don'ts:
  • Don't overshare and don't get too personal - these points kind of go hand in hand. Unfortunately nobody really wants to know how angry you are with your ex-boyfriend or the weird things your body does when you're ill - keep that to yourself puuhhleasee! Also, personal attacks are a no go! It just puts you in a bad light!
  • Don't take things too personally - just because someone doesn't reply to a Facebook message or a friend request straight away doesn't mean that they're avoiding you and that you should plague them with comments until they answer. Just chill! They probably aren't as active online as you are!
  • Don't, if at all possible, send continuous game requests out to all of your friends of Facebook. I think everyone's fallen victim to the Candy Crush notifications! That's not fun... :P 

And those are my do's and don'ts for social media! Just be yourself and be smart about the content  that you're putting out for the world to see!

What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to social media? Feel free to let me know in the comments below! :)

XO, G.

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