3 Feb 2014

What's In My Bag? | College Edition

I think it's a given that one thing most girls have in common is carrying oversized bags full to the brim of pointless bits and bobs - I must admit, I'm a huge culprit begging to be a hunchback by the time I'm 25! I find myself carrying everything with me 'just incase'. This year was my first year living off campus for college, travelling to Dublin and back for my classes, and as a serial over-packer trying to ram everything I thought I needed into any bag was proving difficult.

FINALLY, in my second semester I think I've managed to whittle it down to the essentials, so have a look! 

Firstly, the bag I've adopted as my favourite to carry with me for college is this blue Michael Kors tote. It is a lifesaver, pretty much due to the fact that it holds everything I need. Before this baby came into my possession, I would have to carry my handbag (usually long strapped), as well as a laptop case (also long strapped) and would eventually end up looking like a tangled mess by the time I reached the doors of my building. This bag, however, has a million compartments (no exaggeration whatsoever), everything has it's place and is so easy to find. I love that this bag has a built in compartment for my laptop, which saves me having to carry it separately and also makes it a great bag for travelling. 

What's in my bag?

- My keys! Wouldn't get too far without those.
- A coin purse. Simply because my actual purse doesn't have much room for coins and I need them for      parking!

- My purse.
- My make up bag. Things can slip and slide everywhere over the course of the day, so it's useful to have my make up with me for touch ups! 

- A beanie & Ray-Ban's. Looks silly, I know, but with the unpredictable Irish weather you can never tell what you're gonna need!

- My Macbook, numerous pens and my notebooks. All essentials!

So that's generally what I carry with me to college everyday! All essentials to me, but do tell if you think I'm still managing to carry everything and the kitchen sink! Haha.

Are you an over-packer like me or more of a minimalist? 

XO, G.


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