28 Aug 2014

Rings & Things Haul| feat. Pandora & River Island

Hi, I'm Grace and I'm addicted to buying rings.

This addiction seems to show it's little head right around the time when I'm about to get my acrylic nails did... and low and behold, I'll be getting them done next week (don't worry, I'll fill ya'll in on that when the time comes!). Something about stacking oodles of rings when I've got my claws on makes me so excited, so in preparation for next week I had a little bit of a ring spree!

Firstly I hit my favourite - River Island.
This place is DA BOMMMB if you're looking for inexpensive midi/knuckle/thumb rings... and when I say inexpensive I mean it. You can pick up those bad boys for €2-€4. It's like they're trying to fuel my addiction!! I picked these 3 gems up for €4 each and I've been rocking them every day since!

and then I somehow wandered into Pandora...
I'll admit it, I haven't worn something from Pandora in a long time but I came across their ring collection and it's everything! I've actually had my eye on this beaut for awhile now but never actually got my ass into the shop to purchase it. Luckily I had my lovely other half with me and he picked it up for me as an early anniversary present of sorts - thanks B!

The design is purrrfect and I love that the band is so thin - it doesn't feel as if your wearing something clunky but it sure makes a statement! I lahhhve!

Are you a ring gal or do you like to free the phalanges? (Lol, I'm channeling Phoebe from Friends)
Let me know in the comments!

XO, G.

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