4 Apr 2014

Bring On The Brows | Benefit's 'Gimme Brow'

Oh lord... remember that one time I said I had a bit of a Benefit addiction. Yep? Well this happened. I really do have a prollem.

If you know me, you know I love a good strong brow - always looking for the next wonder product that will keep my brows looking slick throughout the day. Brow powders have always been my go to for years to tame those lovely babies. I'd never ventured into the world of gel as it just scared the shizz outta me, but hold on to your seats bloggers - as of Sunday, I put an end to my brow powder rut and picked up Benefit's Gimme Brow!

This product was the winner of the Allure Best of Beauty Award in 2013 - so it's gotta be good right?
The lovely people at Benefit claim that this brush-on fiber gel sticks to both your eyebrow hair and skin - sounds a bit weird - but that means it pretty much magically creates brows where there were none before. HELLO! Answer to my sparse brow problems! 

And how adorable is the little tapered brush, I mean come on.... 

I'm really looking forward to trying this stuff out! Thick, lush arches are always a good thing!

Have you tried out Benefit's Gimme Brow? What do you think?
Would you like me to review this product?

XO, G.

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