25 Apr 2014

Micro-Fashion | Alaia Rose Barbier

Say hello to Alaia Rose, one of the worlds most stylish kids who has been giving me some serious closet envy lately. Who ever thought I'd be looking to a little human a quarter of my age for some serious style inspo?

Alaia's the adorable baby gurl of stylist Monica Rose - yes, the same Monica Rose that counts the Kardashian fam as her clients - and if you've been keeping up with her Instagram account as much as you've been keeping up with the Kardashian's you'll know that Monica's taken to dressing her pint sized fashionista as she would one of her clients.

Bow down ladies, at the age of 4, Alaia's got a wardrobe that would put many of us to shame. I'm takin' Celine nano bags and miniature Balenciaga.

Prepare yourselves for a kick ass wardrobe...

And yes guys... she did dress up as Karl Lagerfeld for Halloween. Gurl is FIERCE!

Anyone out there as obsessed with Alaia's micro fashion as I am? ... Anyone?
Keep up with Alaia's fashion on her moma's Instagram account - monicarosestyle

XO, G.


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