1 Apr 2014

Easy Peasy | Benefit's 'The Big Easy'

Calling all of my fellow oily skinned gals! I may have just found a pretty damn good product for you guys!

I picked up this lovely lookin' thang just hours after it was put on the shelves in Brown Thomas, Dublin on Sunday. After hearing so many positive reviews on Benefit's 'The Big Easy' from other bloggers, I couldn't not pick it up! Also, being a little bit of a Benefit addict, I feel I was obliged to give it a whirl.. well in my head it made sense. lol. 

Benefit claims that this stuff does a lotta things.. 

Firstly, it's supposed to balance moisture and control oil. Secondly, the 'cushiony liquid-to-powder formula' is supposed to melt into your skin like a cream but finish with a lightweight and velvety look like a powder (sounds like magic to me). It claims to give light-to-medium natural coverage and to even out skin-tone and conceal imperfections.

So what do I think? 

It pretty much does what it says on the tin. Personally, I feel like The Big Easy is almost like the POREfessional: agent zero shine's bestie. As someone that constantly struggles with oily skin and attempting to control that shizz, this stuff has become a sort of a go to product for me because it's so long lasting (minimal touch ups needed). Granted, I've only been using the product for two days but for some reason the Irish weather seems to have been a lot warmer than usual which means The Big Easy has had a battle of sorts with my stuffy car during my jaunts to college. 

Benefit - 1, My Car/Oily Skin - 0.

It's super easy to apply - no brushes necessary. Just make sure you've moisturised! I pair it with my Maybelline 'Fit Me' Concealer & the POREfessional: agent zero shine, and voila! Hello lovely complexion. It gives a natural finish and it's coverage is really build-able which is perfect for the Summer when you don't wanna be wearing a really heavy base. Best of all, it's full of SPF 35 so you can give that lovely smush extra protection! 

Overall, I've no complaints at all about The Big Easy so far! It seems to be my skin's new bestie! If you feel like investing in a straight up really great product, I think it's totally worth the €37 price tag. I've a feelin' that spending my dolla on this will save me spending more on products that I have to purchase more frequently to help with the upkeep of make up that simply does not say on my face. lol.

Have you picked up The Big Easy? What do you think?
What's your go to BB Cream? 

I'd love to hear what you all think! Sound off in the comments!

XO, G.


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