17 Jan 2014


Happy Friday! Always great to see the beginning of another weekend - I'll be spending mine getting things ready to start my last semester at College/University (whichever applies) on Monday, it's crazy how fast the past 3 years have gone!

But first... here are a few of my favourite things I've come across this week!

Favourite Sunglasses (stumbled across these kick ass beauties in an article on Lauren Conrad's L.A. Pad - Click here for more) 

Favourite Film (re-watched Clueless on a rainy day... highly recommend this throwback - via weheartit.com)

Favourite Manicure (this super cool abstract monochrome manicure - via WhoWhatWear.com)

Favourite Food Find (Red Velvet Cookie Cake - I might not be able to eat it [trying to stick to my healthy eating] but I mean, come on! This looks so good. And just in time for Valentines Day! - Click here for the recipe)

Favourite Phone Cover (via - Tumblr)

Favourite Destination (Paris... partially because I'm reminiscing about my birthday trip - via weheartit.com)

What are your favourite finds from this week?

XO, G.


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