10 Jan 2014

the POREfessional: agent zero shine | Review

Over the past couple of years I've searched and searched for a mattifying powder that could control the crazy amount of oil my face produces and FINALLY I've found one!

Clearly I'm a fan of Benefit products but I have to admit I was slightly sceptical of the rave reviews Agent Zero Shine had been getting previous to its release in Ireland, simply due to the fact that I'd already tried endless amounts of setting powders that just didn't last throughout the day without needing constant touching up. So, I had to try it out for myself to see if it stood the test of my skin!

Surprise, surprise! This is now 100% my new favourite makeup product. It does exactly what it says on the tin! It smooths the look of your pores and controls shine ridiculously well, giving a flawless look. It's ultra lightweight and doesn't affect the shade of your makeup. In comparison to other shine-control powders that I've tried, none come close to this in terms of how often you have to touch up your makeup - essentially, touch up's are minimal.

The packaging is so clever and compact. To apply, you just twist off the built-in brush from the base, tap the powder into the lid, dip the brush and sweep over your makeup or moisturised skin. Personally, I prefer to use my MAC powder brush to apply this on an everyday basis but the built in brush is great if you're on the go. What's even better is that a little goes a long way with this powder. You don't need to cake your face with the product in order for it to work.

On the down-side, it is on the more pricey end of things, which I suppose can be expected with Benefit Cosmetics. That being said, I do think it is completely worth the splurge if, in the end, it saves you the expense of going through other powders like crazy because of constant touch ups.

Without a shadow of a doubt I recommend this to any of my fellow oily skinned individuals, or anyone who experiences an oily t-zone. It's a life saver!

Have you tried out the POREfessional - agent zero shine?
What are your opinions of it?

Until next time!

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