22 Jan 2014

Le Weekend | Sunday Baking

One of my favourite things to do at the weekend is bake with mother dearest! This weekend - cupcakes. A great treat before returning to the stresses of College for one more semester... or just to sit down on a chill Sunday and devour. My mom's perfected her recipe for cupcakes - mixing a few things she's gathered from different cookbooks that's she's found to work the best to make the most delicious treats! I LOVE this powder blue Kitchen Aid mixer - that's where its at! Here are a few pictures of the baking process... 

We used vanilla extract in both the sponge and frosting mix for these cupcakes but when we want to shake things up a little, we add some rose water extract to the frosting mix which is SO GOOD! We discovered that little gem whilst chowing down on some rose water cake in Selfridges, London and thought we'd try it out with our cupcakes... Delisshhhh! Also, can I add.. how adorable are these cupcake cases?

Result! These delicious bad boys! We added a little lemon curd to the centre of some of the sponges once they had cooled down for a little added kick. You could also use any type of jam, or just leave them plain (the way I like them).

Do you have a major sweet tooth like me?
What's your favourite thing to bake?

XO, G.


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