27 Mar 2014

Forgotten Gems - MAC Products I Forgot I Had

I was feelin' a little inspired to do something different with my eye makeup this morning and decided to rummage through my makeup storage for something a little more frisky than my everyday neutrals. 
Instead, I came across all of this... just lyin' there. I'm not saying I completely forgot I owned any of the sweet thangs above, but their existence in my makeup collection just somehow went to some section in the back of my mind that I don't visit too often.

All of these little babies are the result of one of two things - birthday gifts and impulse buys - and honestly, I can't remember the last time I used any of them. Saying that makes me feel a little ashamed as they're such beautiful products and I forgot how much I loved them until I went to swatch them for this post. 

I'ma show you these products in two separate instalments as this post would end up crazy heavy in the photograph department otherwise. 

So here are my solid shadows... 

'Jade's Fortune' - Mineralize Eye Shadow

'Cyber' - Metal-X Cream Shadow

'Beauty Marked' - Velvet Eye Shadow

Literally, NONE of these shadows swatch the same as they appear in the pots - for some, the colour is slightly different and for others you really have to build the product in order to get a more pigmented colour. So I thought I'd best provide you guys with some swatches!

Nowadays I'm more of a neutral gal (the Urban Decay Naked Basics pallet got the best of me) and let's just say, these don't really come under the title 'Neutral'. But in writing this post I'm hoping it's going to give me a bit of a kick to start using them more often!

Would you like me to do a review of any of the 3 shadows above?
Have you purchased any of theses products? 

XO, G.

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