20 Mar 2014

Sweet Tooth

Waddup guys - apologies for the lack of blog posts over the weekend.. and into the week, celebrating St. Patrick's Day and whatnot! But I'm back!

Over the weekend, I took a little trip to Brown Thomas, Dublin with the fam and ventured on up to the home-ware section where I found a treasure trove of delish treats! That floor is straight up dangerous for my wallet around Christmastime.. or any holiday in general - I just wanna buy errythang!
So, in the spirit of Easter, I thought I'd pick up a few things.

I love the little green felt baskets filled with chocolate eggs! Perfect Easter gifts! And the 'Happy Easter' decorations are just adorable! Also picked up some Kusmi green and jasmine tea (one of my favs, their packaging is on point).. that cancels out the chocolate, right? Hope you guys can take some inspo for Easter gifts from these lovelies! Everything here is available from Brown Thomas if you wish to stuff your face with the same treats as me for Easter!

My eyes are on that white chocolate bunny!

See anything you like?

XO, G.


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