4 Jun 2014

How To Not Look Like A Hot Mess In The Morning

Lets face it, we all have those mornings when we drag ourselves out of bed after a night of next to no sleep. This however happens to me a hell of a lot in the Summer when my hay fever just refuses to give my sinuses a break. Itchy eyes and barely being able to breath with a stuffy nose = lack of sleep... and that guarantees me looking like a hot mess when I have to get my ass out of bed the next morning!

That being said, I was inspired to conjure up a post with a few thangs that I find help me look... not like a zombie, for the benefit of all the small children out there (and adults alike).

  • Eye Cream - Eye creams are my new besties in the morning time, especially those that help to de-puff the old bags under my eyes. Anything soothing & slightly cold is always good! The Eve Lom eye cream pictured above is my favourite at the minute.
  • Highlighters.. Highlighters... & more Highlighters - When applied around your eye area, highlighters really help to open those babies up! I usually use the highlight from the Naked Basics Palette in my inner corner and then YSL's Touche Éclat under my eye. Touche Éclat is pretty much beauty sleep in a click pen! It's a lifesaver!
  • Concealer - If I don't grab my Touche Éclat, I'll reach for my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. It's a great full coverage concealer that guarantees those dark circles won't be coming out for the world to see!
  • Mascara - When it comes to my eye makeup, as much as I'd like to pile on as much makeup as possible... that kinda doesn't play in my favour. It usually directs attention to those lovely bags! No bueno! Instead, I'll use a brightening shadow and lash on the mascara! Lengthening your lashes, again, makes those peepers pop! (A white/nude eyeliner on the waterline also works wonders).
  • The Brow Game - I'll never leave the house without my brows done. They just look straight up stupid when they're not filled in. This aside though, I do find that when I groom my brows and create a nice arch, it draws the eye up and makes me look automatically bright eyed and bushy tailed! 

I found this alarm on Tumblr and LOL'd - so thought I'd throw it in for your amusement! haha. Get creative with yo' alarms! 

Have you got any tips for helping to look half decent in the morning?
Share them below loves!

XO, G.

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