3 Jun 2014

Wingin' It | Double Winged Liner (Makeup Look)

Waddup ya'll!

Hope everyone at home had a faboosh Bank Holiday Weekend! Sorry about the little lag in blogposts from Thursday but travelling got the best of me over the weekend - speaking of which, I managed to overcome my fear of being out in the middle of the sea & hopped on a ferry home, so I suppose that's somethin'! Tea & brownies managed to keep me sane for the journey! haha.

Last week I promised that I'd stick up a makeup look using the new gel liner pen from Benefit, so on Sunday I cracked open that baby and gave it a whirl!

Because I was testing out the liner, I decided to tackle a double winged look which is a lot more wearable than I thought it was gonna be - I actually wore this look out on Sunday night. My shadows are all from The Balm's ''Nude'tude'' palette (I made full use of Duty Free on the flight over to England. haha - €10 off, yes puhhlease).

In terms of the liner, honestly, I found it SUPER difficult to use at first. It's completely different to any type of liner that I've used before; the flexible tip was kinda dodgy at first and I think the start of the liner was a little dry because the colour wasn't transferring too well.

Once I got going though, I was on a roll. The liner can create a super thin or a super thick line and it definitely does hug the lash line like it claims to. The staying power is crazy good, the colour is jet black & it doesn't transfer onto your upper lid like some others do. But be warned, you don't wanna mess up with this liner (like I did this morning) - its great staying power means it's almost impossible to budge unless you use the 'They're Real' Remover, which also calls for you to take off all of your eyeshadow - no bueno!

I think I'm gonna have to use this stuff a little more before I form a full blown opinion on it. This look turned out as planned but this mornings makeup was a bit of a disaster. The formula seemed to crumble when I tried to glide it over my shadow - think it may have had something to do with the shadow being slightly creamy (this has happened before with other liners), but who knows! I'ma keep tryin' though! The jury's still out on this one for now I'm afraid!

Product List:

My base is the same as usual! You can find it here!!

Primer - UD Primer Potion (Eden)
Shadows -
UD 'Strange' (All Over)
UD 'Naked 2' (Crease)
The Balm | Nude'tude Palette 'Sultry' (Crease)
The Balm | Nude'tude Palette 'Sexy' (Crease)
The Balm | Nude'tude Palette 'Sassy' (Inner Corner)
Liner - Benefit 'They're Real' Push-Up Liner *
Mascara - Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara *

Estée Lauder 'Wicked Wine'

Are any of you planning on picking up Benefit's new liner when it's released later this month?
Let me know in the comments!!

XO, G.


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