30 Jun 2014

Pale Girl Tanning with St. Tropez

Let's just put it out there - my excitement about writing this post is not normal.
As a super pale skinned gal (thank ya Irish weather), when it comes to Summer my skin seems to lack a certain sun kissed glow - and yes, even when I do manage to get out in the sun, I still find it hard to tan. Basically, my best friend tends to be a bottle of self-tanner.

I'll be the first one to come clean about my addiction to the ever-so-popular Sally Hansen - it's easy to apply and it's instant - but since I've been introduced to the Everyday Gradual Tan from St. Tropez, I've learned that those are pretty much the only positives I can find with it! Sorry Sally!

I came across this stuff last weekend during my trip to Cork! Those of you in Ireland know that we had a bit of a scorcher (yes, really) - and typically, I got burnt! Unfortunately my After Sun just wasn't doing its job and I really needed something a lot more moisturising that would also even out my skin tone! Enter the genius that is St. Tropez.

I've been using this stuff everyday since my little sunburn faux pas and I honestly don't even know where to start with singing its praises!

So... maybe a list will help!

1 - It is extremely moisturising!
As I mentioned my After Sun wasn't doing it's job and my shoulders were just starting to peel (sorry if that's too much info) but since I've started using this there's no dry skin in sight! I apply it, like I would a moisturiser, after I get out of the shower and wait for it to work its magic!

2 - It gives the most natural looking tan I've seen in awhile! 
With having such pale skin, I'd rather look for a tan that gives more of a sun kissed glow. Basically, I don't wanna come out looking like Snooki - something that I've noticed can happen with Sally Hansen. St. Tropez' Everyday Gradual Tan is the perfect product when it comes to what I want colour-wise!

3 - It doesn't look like you're wearing fake tan - aka. NO PATCHES!
Life's too short for patchy tan and one thing I despise about Sally Hansen's Instant Tan is that it gets patchy so easily. No bueno! But this stuff - it's got even coverage down to a fine art. Because it's
applied like a moisturiser and it's colour is gradual, it blends seamlessly!

4 - No more waking up to brown bed sheets!
It doesn't transfer to bed sheets or clothes - HALLELUJAH!

5 - It doesn't have a disgusting scent!
While it does smell of something, I can't say that the scent of this tan is horrible. Better again - it doesn't linger. So don't fear smelling kinda funky after it's developed!

- It doesn't have a shimmer!
I noticed over the past couple of years that Sally Hansen changed their formula up and added a shimmer to their instant tan. What natural looking tan shimmers? I love that this basically looks like your skin!

Apologies that I have no before & after images but trust me when I say that I'm a lot more pale than this. As you can see, the tan is super natural looking! It's subtle but still looks as if you've been out in the sun!

This tube cost me €19.95 and considering you'd shell out €13.59 for Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs in Boots, I don't think that's bad at all. I honestly think that St. Tropez' Everyday Gradual Tan will last me longer, it's much more nourishing for my skin and it gives a far nicer finish!

... and that's about it guys and gals. If I havn't convinced you to try out this stuff by now, I don't know what will! Haha.

Have you tried this little gem... or any of St. Tropez' products?
What's your favourite self tanner?

Let me know in the comments!!

XO, G.

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