11 Jun 2014

Tapas @ The Port House Ibericos

Before I get in to the yummy goodness that is The Port House,  I just wanna say THANK YA! for the response to my last blogpost on my University Experience. Your Tweets and Facebook comments made my day and I'm glad that so many of you could relate! Round of applause and brownies for errbody that made it to the end of that post! haha.

Anyhoos... Turns out that this week I've got a gazillion things that need celebrating. Okay, slight exaggeration, I've got 3 things that need celebrating.

It's both my brother AND my boyfriends birthday this week... and of course I'm celebrating the greatness that is my Poppa Bear for Father's Day this Sunday.

On Monday, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and dragged the boys to Dundrum Shopping Centre for some pre-birthday Tapas in The Port House Ibericos (shopping was involved too, don't you worry).

This is one of.. actually scratch that, this is my favourite place to eat when I come to Dundrum. From the food to the ambiance, it's right on point. It almost feels as if you're eating in a wine cellar (especially if you're there at night) - awesome, I know!

But, the sun was shining, so we decided to take advantage of the good weather and sat outside in their garden dining area complete with hanging lights and cosy blankets incase it gets cold... they think of everything.

On to the food!!

I feel as if I'm gonna have to let it speak for itself.

Eating from a Tapas menu is my favourite - basically because you get to order as many different types of food as you want. haha.

Prepare to drool ...


The Patatas Alioli are a family favourite. 1 portion is never enough.. So. So. So. Good!

I get these meatballs every time I visit - they are HEAVEN IN MEATBALL FORM!

The menu is super extensive, so fear not if you're a veggie! There are more than enough options!

It's so nice to be able to try something new every time you visit!

And if you think you'll still be hungry after eating such little-looking portions, think again! You'll be stuffed! The staff are more than helpful if you're stuck with what to order!

Can't forget about desert!

CHURROS! ... That is all.

So bad for you - but so good!

By the time I got my camera out to picture B's Fudge Cake, this was all that was left..

He clearly hated it... haha.

If by some chance you find yourself in Dundrum, make sure you pop on out to The Port House. 
You'll find it out the back in the company of all the other eateries!

But wait, there's more - no, literally, they have 2 more restaurants in Dublin & 1 in London!
Check out the website for more info! 

Have you tried out any of The Port House restaurants in Dublin?
Do you love Tapas as much as I do?

XO, G.

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