29 May 2014

Welcome To The 'They're Real' Family | New Products from Benefit

If you've checked out my post on, the wildness that was, the blogger launch of Benefit's 'They're Real Push-Up Liner'* you'll know that I was SUPER excited to get this little miracle pen liner home & give it a whirl!

Now ya'll know that I'm a huge Benefit fan (there are very few products of theirs that I don't like), so when you combine Benefit with another love of mine - eyeliner - you've got a very happy Grace!

I'm sure you're all fairly aware by now that the 'They're Real' Mascara* is the number 1 best selling  mascara in the UK and has won award on top of award for its lash enhancing skillzzz - so clearly Benefit wouldn't have released a product under the 'They're Real' name if they didn't think it was amazeballs.

^^ Side Note: This is the coolest little portable player that we were given at the launch - so we could take the ad campaign for the They're Real! Push-Up Liner* home with us... I thought it was pretty awesome. 

What's so different about this liner , I hear ya say?

WELL... We've all had our experiences with pencil liners (that we have to pair constantly, ugh, effort), gel liner paint pots (that dry up and crack before you've even taken a brush to them), liquid liners (that you pretty much have to be a makeup artist to apply) and liquid liner pens (that seemed like a good idea at the time but dry out before you've gotten to your second eye).

But this beauty is the newest innovation of all - a gel liner... in a pen. WHAT!!

Not only is it a gel liner pen, but the applicator tip is also new to the liner world.

Benefit call it an 'AccuFlex Tip' - basically, this makes it BEYOND easy to get in super close to your lash line (so it sorts out that problem with the little part between your lashes that is impossible to get). And as the name suggests, it has a flexible rubber tip.. so it's not harsh on yo' skin!

What makes me most excited is the fact that you can go over the liner once it's been applied and it won't flake. Thank you God!! Also, the colour pay off is spot on - jet black, just the way I likes it!

Any down-side?

It does dry very quickly, so if you make a mistake it's a tad hard to fix - but in fairness, it's so easy to apply that mistakes should be few and far between after your first application (like any other, it will take time to get used to).

ALSO... if you've used the 'They're Real' Mascara* you'll know that it lasts all day (as does the new liner) but it's next to impossible to remove...
However... if you've looked at the picture above carefully, you'll see a little extra product in the back to help with this! ;)

'They're Real' Remover* - I havn't used this myself yet, but I've seen it in action at the event.. and dear God does it work wonders!! It's basically designed to strip down waterproof eye makeup and it does so in next to no time. You'll love this stuff if you're a fan of the mascara! It works and it works well!

So that's about all you need to know about the new releases!
If you're ready to click these new products to your cart already, you're unfortunately going to have to simmer down until their release in June and July respectively!

I've got big expectations for this stuff. I've seen it swatched and I've seen it applied on others, so I can't wait to get down to business and see how it compares to a liner that I havn't strayed from for 4/5 years!
Tough competition!

I'll be posting a makeup look next week using the new Push-Up Liner so you can see this stuff in action - so keep a look out for how I get on!

Are you going to be adding these new products to your 'They're Real!' family?
Let me know in the comments!!

XO, G.

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