1 Jul 2014

Festival Face

I dunno about you guys but when it comes to festival season the first thing I think of is style and makeup! There's something about festivals that just screams "I don't give a crap.. I'll dress / do my makeup how I want" and what's best, you can do so without judgement because every other crazy running around in the mud is doing the exact same thing!

Now that we are well and truly in its midst, I've been itching to put together a festival season makeup look, the main feature of which are these kick ass temporary lip tattoos from the American brand - Violent Lips!

Unfortunately, I haven't made plans to skip off to any festivals as of yet but it was still fun to experiment with a makeup look and hopefully give some of you guys a bit of festival face inspo!

I've actually had these funky ass lip tattoos lying about my room for years but never really found the time or place to wear them. They also looked super fidily and to be honest I just wasn't bothered trying to figure out how to cut and measure them out before I applied them. Clearly I was being extremely lazy because they're so simple to put on and don't they look freekin' amazing?

This pink leopard print is just one of the gazillion prints that they stock - no literally, they have so many, check out the Violent Lips website.

They set completely about 3 minutes after they're applied, last for up to 8 hours and let's face it, they look badass! Each packet comes with 3 sets of tattoos and only cost something silly like €13, so check them out.

After a bit of a mishap with some Urban Decay Body Glitter, I decided that minimal eye-makeup was the best way to go - gotta let that pout shine!

So I reached for my Body Art Crayons from Claire's (they're fab - great colour pay-off for something so inexpensive) and some liquid liner and decided to go tribal. I steered clear of my eyes at all, just bronzing them out with a little Uninterrupted from MAC and lashes of Rimmel's Retro Glam mascara.

... Fesival-typical flower crown is optional. Haha. (This black one is from Pennys / Primark)

Now I know how kick-ass these temp. tattoos are, I'll be making sure I find a way to wear the other style I have... and I may have to pick up a few more!

Tell me gals, do you go all out with your festival makeup or do you rather something simple that's guaranteed to last all day?
What do you think of the Violent Lips temporary lip tattoos?

Let me know in the comments!

XO, G. 

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