1 May 2014

Brow Control | Threading @ Shavata, Harvey Nichols Dublin

It may surprise all you folks to know that I didn't touch my eyebrows until I was in my 1st year in University. Yup, I mean no waxing, no brow tints, no tweezing - NADA! 

Although I always had my momma in my ear telling me never to touch my brows, I never really had much of an urge to do anything to them anyway. Sure, I started experimenting with brow powders when my interest in makeup started to bloom - but nothin' more!

Que three years ago when I wandered on in to Harvey Nichols in Dundrum to get my first set of gel nails done with the girls at Shavata for my burthdaayy (yup, they're the one's that make my nails look fierce for my Instagram pictures). My Mum was getting her eyebrows done in the Shavata Brow Bar and we both thought it was time for me to take the plunge and tidy mine up! 
Hells yeah, I went wild - my first set of gels and my first brow shape IN THE SAME DAY! :P

So, long story short, Shavata is and has been the only place I go to, to tidy these bad boys up! The girls have such good taste when it comes to brows and ALWAYS listen to what you want - which I think is SO important, especially when I'm sucha fussy betch about my brows. In between threading sessions I do get rid of strays with tweezers, but for the most part I leave it to them. 

If you've never got your brows threaded before - it's a pretty crazy looking process involving a woman with a piece of string held between her teeth and wrapped around her fingers in a criss-cross, yanking away at your brow hairs. I know this sounds super freekish, but it's really not! It's super fast (I'm talkin' 5 minutes max) and for someone with quite a low pain threshold, I think it's a relatively painless process! 

AND it's so much more gentle on your eyes than waxing because there is little or no contact with the skin - ya'll know how delicate the skin around your eyes is! No-one wants saggy eyes. 

Each threading session @ Shavata costs €20. They also have a loyalty card system where if you go through with 5 sessions, you get your 6th free, #winning!

What's your preferred method of keeping your brows tamed?
Have you ever tried threading?

XO, G.

For all the deets on Shavata, click HERE

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