2 May 2014

Food Friday | What I've Been Eating

I'm not gonna lie, I completely intended writing this post on the new Kate Moss x Topshop collection. I took a jaunt to the cap.i.taaal (Dublin) with moms and errythang yesterday (big gurl camera in hand) but I left less than impressed. To be honest I didn't want to write an entire post on the collection to say it was just alright. 

I'm sure you're all fairly aware of how much I heart food...
So, instead, I thought I'd put together a little somethin' somethin' showing you all a few of the thangs that have been making my tummy happy this week.

Talk about opposite ends of the food spectrum - haha! 
My stomach was giving out like crazy by the time I got to Dublin yesterday, so I sat down and devoured a tasty Club Sandwich with Avocado and Fries in a cute little copper pot. Momma opted for something a little more delicate and tried the pan fried Hake, which looked deeeelish!
This is all from The Restaurant on the top floor in Brown Thomas, Dublin.

Something else tasty? Momma M's Potato and Leek soup. Oh. Sweet. Lord. I luuuhhhh dis stuff!
I'm not lying when I tell you I've eaten this for lunch and dinner 3 days in a row this week. You know how it is...

And what have I eaten it with?
Homemade Wheaten Bread. Mmm mmm good!

That's all the food talk out of my system for today!
I hope you're all drooling! :P 

XO, G.

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