28 May 2014

Criminally Easy | Benefit Event

Happy Hump Day Lovelies!

Apologies about the lack of action on the blog yesterday, but if you follow me on Facebook or Twittah you'll know that I was a tad bit busy getting arrested and stuff...

Hold up, don't jump the gun. I didn't do anything illegal... but Benefit decided to arrest me for Assault & Flattery ;) This event, by far, was one of the biggest and best that I've attended yet - seriously, Benefit go hard! 

So I decided to dedicate an entire post to the event itself... I couldn't not give you all a peek at what we got up to!

Just so ya'll know - the invitation for this event told us nothing about it. We were just told to show up at Dundrum Town Centre and wait for further instructions... ? So when this dashing individual greeted us blogging gals, we were pleasantly surprised and equally clueless as to what was happening. Haha.

Officer Handsome melted hearts as he read us our rights in his sweet, sweet American accent.. swoon! Nice choice Benefit - sweetening us up with some eye-candy before showing us new products. ;)

We were all marched outside, given our orange jumpsuits, cuffed and thrown in Bene-jail!

And this is kinda how the rest of the night played out...

The fab.u.lous Mark gave us a little demo of how the new 'they're Real push-up liner' works.

I'm sure by now all of you have heard of the new gel pen liner that Benefit are releasing next month - I'm a huge Benefit gurl and I love my eyeliner, so this little miracle pen makes me vurrry excited!

A blog post on this liner will make an appearance later on in the week, so keep yo' eyeballs peeled!

^^ Benefit Loot? I mean come on! ^^

Between handcuffs, prison jumpsuits, bags of loot, officers and an entire truck made up to look like a prison cell, this Benefit event had it goin' on!

^^ These were our stylin' jumpsuits! Orange is the new black dontcha know? ^^

Here are a few snaps of the Benefit MUA's applying 'they're Real push-up liner' on Nirina!

And that's a wrap fella's & feline's!

I'm pretty sure you can tell this was a currazy fun event! Hope you've enjoyed the snaps!
Can't wait to show you all how the product works!

Are any of you a huge Benefit fan like me?
Are you excited for the launch of 'they're Real push-up liner'?


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