20 May 2014

LUSH | Summer 2014 Collection

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If you follow me on Facebook / Twitter you'll know that last week I took a trip to Lush, Dublin to the launch of their new collection for Summer 2014. After testing all the products, I came home smelling faboosh & the back of my hands felt as soft as a baby's bottom! haha. Let's face it, clearly I'm not gonna keep all of the LUSHiousness (get it? haha) to myself, so here's a little peek at the new collection* for all you Lush fans... as well as a few snaps from the launch!


This lovely lookin' stuff is a fluffy shaving cream made with fresh strawberries (yes, fresh!!), coconut oil, maple and corn syrups and egg whites - It looks just like marshmallow fluff, therefore it makes me happy! I used this at the weekend to prep my legs before hitting the town. You just apply it to damp skin and shave, rinsing the blade frequently - you can also use it as a body wash. I found it a little difficult to lather up, but it did leave my legs feelin' silky smooth!


Before I tell you about this product, you've gotta see it in action!

This is a crazy fun product if you're either a guy that loves his hair gel or a gal looking to recreate the slicked back looks of the runway or simply to tame those pesky fly-aways! It's a self-preserving orangey hair jelly that, let's face it, gives both your mood and your hair a boost! The lovely peeps at Lush tell me it's been inspired by punks using sugar to create mohawks - the sugar in the orange juice boosts the holding power of the hair jelly (FACT OF THE DAY!)

You tap it out of the pot, rub it in your hands to lightly coat. Pop it back in the pot and smooth your palms over your hair to create a look that will last all day! Not sure if I can see myself using this on a daily basis - but it sounds perfect if you wanna make a statement with your hair.


First off, I'm not much of a solid soap gal, but these would be FAB for night of pampering in a bubble bath!

Mangnificent Soap is a ripe and juicy mango soap with uplifting lemon, mandarin and neroli oils. It's full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - aka. the perfect soap for when you're feelin' sluggish!

Parsley Porridge Soap is a herbal soap with detoxifying parsley, antibacterial tea tree and milky oatmeal! This sounds like it's gonna be a life saver for me and my oily skin (raise your hands my fellow oily skinned ladies!) It's kinda the perfect combo of bacteria busting and deep cleansing!


Pop Quiz! What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word Lush? Bath Bombs? Yup!

This multi-coloured bath bomb is Lush's newest innovation. I heart the inspiration behind this one! The ballistic takes its name from the Purple Gang's song 'Granny Takes a Trip' and the 1960s clothing boutique on King's Road. If you look closely, you'll also note that the colour matches the jackets worn by the Beatles on the Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album!

It's got an uplifting, spicy citrus scent and will leave psychedelic swirls of foaming colour across your bathwater! All the fun at bath time!!


This is BY FAR my favourite product from the new collection. 
I can't explain just how good this stuff  smells & makes your skin feel! This little piece of paradise is an in-shower body conditioner packed with African oils, butters and fruits. It's self-preserving and FULL of ingredients from SLush Funded projects in Africa - a little does a lot of good! I also used this at the weekend to get my pins Summer ready. It's so easy to use - after washing, apply it to damp skin in the shower and lightly rise. It leaves your skin feelin' soft and silky all day. Once you apply it, the scent deepens which I love! If you were to get one product from the Summer Collection, I'd totally recommend this beauty!

And that's about it you guys!
If you're in search of some yummy things for your skin, don't forget to pop into your local Lush store or hop on over to their website - www.lush.co.uk

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