21 Jul 2014

Bene-lovin' | 3 Benefit Products You Need In Your Life

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If you've been reading this little corner of the the internet for awhile then you'll know that my love for Benefit Cosmetics goes deep and is endless - I include something from them in most of my giveaways! I know some people look at Benefit as a bit of a gimmicky brand... yes I know they put a lot into their packaging, but they do have some real gems! So if you've never tried Benefit's products before and are a little unsure of how to break your Bene-ginity (that was pathetic. haha), here are my top 3 picks at the minute!

'They're Real' Mascara
This product is more than likely Benefit's most successful product EVER... in the world. Haha. Really though, it is a great mascara! It's jet black, super long wearing and the wand is great for getting at those hard to reach lashes (especially your bottom lashes - no clumpy black smudges)! Before they released the 'They're Real' Remover this year, I probably would have been a little apprehensive of 100% recommending this mascara as it's near impossible to take off, but with the addition of the remover it's easy peasy! I can 100% say that this is one of my favourite mascaras.. if not my favourite!

Girl Meets Pearl
This is a bit of an odd one to include in my favourites but I've been getting so much mileage out of this sweet thang over the Summer! I like to use Girl Meets Pearl 1 of 2 ways - on the high points of my face underneath my foundation, or mixed with my foundation. I briefly mentioned in my 'Summer Beauty Essentials' post that this stuff is part of my dewy skin hack for the Summer time! Obviously with an oily complexion the word dewy sounds like a gals worst nightmare, but this little illuminator gives the illusion of glowing skin without feeling oily and disgusting. Haha. It's gorgeous subtle golden glow is faboosh!

The POREfessional
Another product in the 'Benefit Best Sellers' category... and for good reason! This primer is actually the only primer that has ever done it's job properly for me... and I've tried a few that are supposedly 'amazing'! It definitely minimises the look of pores and smooths out fine lines giving your foundation a lahhvely silkily smooth base to sit on! What I love most about it is that it's oil free and although it doesn't completely stop your skin from looking oily throughout the day (what can?), it definitely helps to give your makeup a bit more longevity!

What do you think of Benefit's products?
What are your top 3 picks?

Let me know in the comments!!

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