11 Jul 2014

Summer Beauty Essentials

"It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday ..."

Happy Friday Bloggers!

Today I'm bringing you a few of the beauty items that have become staples of some sort in my Summer beauty routine! If you're a girl with oily skin or slightly dry / damaged hair, some of these might be of interest to you! ... but if not, there's still some lahvely things to look at - I take no responsibility if you end up buying any of the products above (pssttt.. they're all amazing!).

Urban Decay's 'de-slick' Makeup Setting Spray
This stuff is a lifesaver for oily skinned gals like myself! As the label says, it's a setting spray that helps to control oil, deflect surface shine and help skin stay looking matte throughout the day! I like to spritz it on my face before I apply my makeup and after to set everything in place! Don't be fooled! It's not a miracle worker but it definitely does help to eliminate a few of your touch ups throughout the day!

Benefits 'Girl Meets Pearl' & Chanel's 'Perfection Lumiere Velvet'
This is my go to base for Summertime! I'm not gonna lie - when you have oily skin a dewy finish sounds like thee worst thing you could think of for your makeup but fear not, I've found a loophole!
I like to mix an illuminator with a matte effect foundation and somehow the combination works! Your makeup looks flawless but dewy at the same time! These are my two favourite products to mix together! Another option for an illuminator is L'Oreal's Lumi Magique - it's laahhvvely!

Benefit's 'Hoola' lipgloss,  MAC's 'Spice' Lipliner & MAC's 'Uninterrupted' Eyeshadow
Summer is all about being bronzed... or trying to be, right? Well these are my 3 go to products to help me achieve a bronzed look. I'm completely obsessed with a brown lip at the minute (thanks Kylie Jenner!), so when it's hot and I'm not feeling like slapping on a lipstick, I like to go for something a bit lighter - Hoola & Spice give the perfect shade! MAC's 'Uninterrupted' has become a sort of an obsession since I've picked it up! I use this in the socket of my eye and as a contour and it looks AMAZZINGG! I can't even tell you!

Bed Head's 'Some Like It Hot' Heat & Humidity Resistant Serum
For me, nothing is worse than humidity and heat damage - no thank ya sir! When my hair is still damp I like to run this through the mid lengths and ends to give it a little boost throughout the day. I'm not even sure if Bed Head still sell this product - I've had it for so long! If you can get your hands on it, I'd definitely recommend you check it out!

And that's about it guys and gals!

What are your must have products for the Summer?
Let me know in the comments below!

XO, G.

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