30 Jul 2014

Most Repurchased Products aka The Good'uns

Happy Hump Day Love-bugs!

This post started out it's life as a kinda 'My Holy Grail Products' post but once I started rummaging through my makeup stash I started to realise that some of the products I considered part of my 'Holy Grail' weren't products that I'd returned to time and time again over the years... fail.

Your most repurchased products are clearly the ones you can't live without right? So here are my top 5 repurchased products - aka. what my face can't live without.

1. Simple Wipes
I know, I know... you're not supposed to use wipes to remove your makeup. I'm probably committing some form of beauty blogger felony by including these in my most repurchased items, but geez guys I go through these things like nobodies business! Just to clarify, this isn't my only method of removing makeup, I do use cleansers and the likes - so don't shone me! Haha. These are the only makeup wipes I've tried that don't irritate my skin. A few weeks back I found myself using one of the 'Yes To Cucumber' wipes and they stung the crap outta my face - no thank ya! Simple wipes are super refreshing and do really help to get the guts of your makeup off before you go in with another cleanser! I always find great 2 for 1 deals on them too.. so why not! :P

*Top Tip - If you find your wipes drying out, all you gotta do is store them upside down when you're not using them and it returns the moisture... you're welcome. :P

2. DUO Glue
Without a doubt, this is my favourite glue to apply false lashes with. I've been using it for years and completely swear by it now. This is the white version but they also have a black glue which is fab if you're a bit nervous about getting glue all over your black liner - happens to the best of us! It's super long lasting - there is literally no chance of your lashes popping off through out the day / night. After having this as a permanent member of my makeup collection for so many years, there's no chance of me falling back into the habit of using the glue that comes with lashes! These little tubes also last a life time, so have no fear of running out of glue! A must have in tool in your makeup kit!

3. 'They're Real!' Mascara - Benefit
Now I couldn't do a 'favourite' type of post without including my little babe from Benefit, ya'll know about my obsession with the brand by now! Haha. This is by far my favourite and most repurchased mascara EVER... I go through mascaras like crazy as I like to test different ones out but this is always the one I return to. The only negative I would have had about it would have been the difficulty involved in trying to remove the stuff after a day of wear - but now we've got the 'They're Real Remover' ... sorted! It elongates the lashes (a hell of a lot) and is definitely worth the hype!

4. Maybelline 'Fit Me!' Concealer
I tend to forget how much I love this concealer when trying others out but once I re-discover it, it pretty much becomes another limb. Haha. It's supposedly a dupe for NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, which I also love... but I think I might like the thinner consistency of this a tad more. (Please don't shoot me beauty bloggers. Haha) It's almost like a more full coverage / more pigmented foundation. It also costs less dollah, which is always good!

5. Rimmel Exaggerate Liner
Last but not least... my favourite liquid liner ever. I literally compare any other form of gel/pen/liquid liner to this stuff and so far nothing seems to have beat it in my eyes. It's jet black and ridiculously easy to apply. The pen is almost like a felt tip, so it's just like drawing with a marker on your eyelid. Haha. It doesn't dry out, it's super easy to remove and it's inexpensive. Thank you Rimmel for this little gem. I've been using it for years and always go back for more. If they ever discontinue this stuff you'll find me curled up in a ball crying in a corner somewhere.

And that's about it lovelies!

What are your most repurchased products?
Do you own any of the little gems above?

XO, G.

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