28 Jul 2014

How I Maintain My Summer 'Tan'

If you've had a little look-see at my 'Pale Girl Tanning' post or you've just noticed the sudden shift in my skin colour, you'll probably have guessed that my St. Tropez Gradual Tan has become a spare limb of sorts in the last couple of weeks. It's been unnaturally hot in Ireland this Summer and I just can't do Summer without a 'tan'.

The one downside to a lot of false tanning is the upkeep of the stuff! Ain't nobody got time fo' patchy & uneven tan and even though I've found the St. Tropez Gradual Tan to be the best at fighting the patchiness, once you find yourself tanning a lot the build up of tan can cause a little bit of unevenness... So here are 2 products I've found really help me to stay the colour I'd love to be. Haha.

African Paradise Body Conditioner - Lush
You might have seen me yap on about how lovely this stuff is when I gave you all a sneak peek of the Lush Summer Collection a few weeks back and yes... I'm still lovin' it! This little piece of paradise in a tub is an in shower body conditioner packed full of African oils, butters and fruits. This is the first step I take in my tan maintenance. I apply it to damp skin and then slightly rinse just before I hop my way out of the shower (I don't literally hop...). I can't begin to explain how gorgeous it makes your skin feel... and the scent! THE SCENT! Its so yummy and deepens as it soaks into your skin. Let's put it this way, the stuff is that lovely that I've even got my brother addicted. Haha.

In a nutshell, anything that is going to moisturise your skin is going to help your tan's longevity & I'd definitely pop this at the top of my skincare / tan maintaining faves!

Huile Prodigieuse - Nuxe
I've gotta thank my Moma for introducing me to this dry oil when I had my little sun burn disaster a few weeks back (... you can find that story in this post). This is actually a multi-purpose dry oil, you can use it on your face, body and hair - you should try this as a form of a hair mask, silky smooth goodness! It claims to nourish, repair and soften skin and hair and that it does love bugs! You would imagine with it being an oil that it'd be super greasy and feel like a film just sitting over your skin... not so! It sinks into your skin and leaves such a gorgeous finish. My whole family are absolutely addicted to this stuff!

So those are my two little tan maintaining secrets!
What do you use to up-keep your tan?
Let me know in the comments below!

XO, G.

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