25 Jul 2014

Introducing ... | Charlotte Tilbury's Wonder Glow & Magic Cream


That's right lovebugs, I've managed to get my hands on some of Charlotte Tilbury's magical goodness! I've been super excited to try these little gems out since they made their grand entrance into Brown Thomas, Dublin in the last couple of weeks.

It seems like I've been hearing about CT's products forever and after a lot of lusting and drooling via the inter web, I can finally drool over them face to face... up close and personal!

(On a side note: If you're thinking of picking up these little beauts in BT, they've got a BUNCH of special offers on the go to promote the CT line! I've got a free make over in the bag... which also means I'll get a sneak peek at the makeup line before it hits the shop floors! WINNING!)

Without further a due, take a look at CT's wonder products! ...

Magic Cream
I think it goes without saying but CT goes all out with her packaging! When I opened this box I felt like I was gonna find an engagement ring inside. haha. - but the little tub of magic cream is just as bootyful! Charlotte's Magic Cream is tagged as being a treat and transform moisturiser. It's full of collagen-boosting, anti-age ingredients - in normal language, that means see yuhhh to your dull and blah skin! It leaves your skin with a flood of moisture giving you a fabulous glow in a matter of seconds. The packaging also contains instructions on how to perform Charlottes Pro-Collagen Wonder Workout - it's basically a 5 minute facial that boosts circulation and reduces puffiness (lifesaver!!!).

I've only used the stuff for a week but so far so good! The texture of it really reminds me of Ponds Cream if you know what that is! It leaves your skin feeling ahhhmazing - nice and plump and definitely more awake! A little goes a long way with this cream so I can see this 50 ml tub lasting awhile!

(Fact of the day: Charlotte herself has been testing and developing this product backstage at shows for over 20 years and has got models and regular clients of hers hooked on the stuff... Yes, that means it used to go missing during shows because there was nowhere else models could pick up the miracle cream.)

Wonder Glow
You all know about my little obsession with illuminators by now - well say hello to my latest addiction! It claims to be a cross between an anti-age elixir and a complexion-enhancing light diffuser to give your skin an instant 'spotlight' effect - lots of big words. Haha. In a nutshell, like any other illuminator this stuff gives your skin the appearance of glowing & hydrated skin... yes, I mean that fab dewy effect! This golden illuminator (yes, the product looks like liquid bronze/gold) apparently blurs away lines and fills your skin with luminosity! So far I've used this as a regular illuminator but I think it'd look gorgeous with zero makeup when you're on holiday!

Downside? They're an expensive little bunch to pick up.
Charlotte's Magic Cream retails in Brown Thomas at €90.00 for a 50ml container.
Wonder Glow retails in Brown Thomas at €49.00 for a 40ml container.

Don't get me wrong, the products are fab & you'll definitely fall in love with the Magic Cream when you test it, but if you're feeling a little sceptical it'd definitely be worth your while asking for testers!

Have you tried out any of Charlotte Tilbury's miracle products?
Let me know in the comments below!

XO, G.

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