29 Jul 2014

How I Create A Big Bouncy Hollywood Style Curly Blow-dry

Oh hey there love-bugs!

Today, I thought I'd have a bash at a little hair tutorial. I've always been a huge fan of a big Hollywood style curly blow-dry and was sick of having to go to the hairdressers just to achieve the look. So, I got my thinkin' hat on and decided to watch (... or stare like a creep) intently as my hairdresser blow-dried my hair, got my bootaaay to somewhere that sold round brushes and practiced practiced practiced until I got my fro to look a bit like this!

I've gotta admit, I've blow-dried my hair using round brushes for as long as I can remember - no thank you straighteners... they've done my hair enough damage to last 3 lifetimes. Haha - so this might have given me a little head start in the blow-dry department! But fear not... It's really not all that difficult.

So if you'd like to achieve my big bouncy Hollywood style curly blow-dry have a look through the rest of this picture heavy post... :P

Step 1:
Wash your hair (Duh. Haha.)
I use the Great Lengths Shampoo to keep my extensions happy (you can read about my extensions here) and Aussie 'Take The Heat' Conditioner which acts as a big hug for heat damaged hair & also prepares your hair for being blasted by the hairdryer.
Brush through your hair and apply another heat protectant - I like Bed Head's 'Some Like It Hot' Heat & Humidity Resistant Serum.

Step 2:
Dry the roots of your hair completely and leave the mid-lengths and ends slightly damp. Sometimes I just like to let the mid-lengths and ends air dry while I do my makeup to avoid any unnecessary heat!

Step 3:
Section off your hair just above your ears and brush through to make sure there are no knots.

Step 4:
Get the round brushes at the ready!
I use a selection of different round brushes. I'd definitely recommend these pink Head Jog brushes if you can get a hold of them though. I've never had a brush that dries my hair like these do! Little pink miracles!

Step 5:
Section your hair into smaller sections about an inch / an inch and a half thick. (Trying to be specific... I'm probably failing. Haha.)

Step 6:
Place the brush about 3/4's of the way up the section and dry down-wards using your hair-drier (keep repeating until this section is dry).
When you get to the bottom, rotate the brush in your hand whilst still applying heat with the drier from a distance. Then roll the brush up the section of hair as you would with heated rollers.

I've included a load of photos of this process below if you haven't got the gist of it! :P

Step 7:
Now all you have to do is repeat this on the remaining sections of your hair until you're left looking a bit like this...

Step 8:
It's not necessary but I like to leave the brushes sit for a little bit until they cool down. Obviously, you can work on the right side of your head while the left side is cooling to speed it up a lil'!

Step 9:
Finally, you just unravel your hair from the brushes and gently brush through the curl and what you're left with is a fab bouncy Hollywood style curly blow-dry!

And there ya have it!
I love rocking this style on a daily basis but it looks super glamorous when you're dressed up and ready to hit the town or a special event!

Have you ever tried to create a curly blow-dry yourself?
Lemme know in the comments blow!

XO, G.

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