1 Aug 2014

New In: The Balm (First Impressions)

Happy Friday Lovelies!

Earlier on in the week these three babies landed at my doorstep after I won a Twitter give-away with the fab ladies and gents over at The Balm. What was the first thing that I done? Got out my big girl camera and started swatching.

You all know that the Nude-tude palette just fell a little short of my expectations (I still use it none the less, the shades are to die for) but that didn't mean that I was going to tar the entire brand with the same brush - I'm happy to say that this stash of goodies is full of little gems!

So what'd I bag myself?

'The Balm Girls' Lipstick in 'Mia Moore'
I'm not a huge fan of the packaging but it's what's inside that counts right? Where they missed out in the aesthetics department, The Balm certainly made up for with the formula. This swatch is just one swipe of the lipstick - so, you know, it's super pigmented. They seem to have hit the mark when crossing great pigmentation with a fabulous conditioning quality. The stuff glides on like a dream and is just as easy to take off - aka. no staining! All in all, a really solid red lipstick!

Two for you Glen Coco!!

'Schwing' Liquid Liner
This stuff excites me the most - see that nib... it's a felt tip! This very well may be the competition that my Rimmel Exaggerate Liner has been dreading! When it comes to liquid liners, I'm sure you're all very well aware of my fascination with felt tip nibs - they just make everything so much easier. It really is like drawing on your eyes with a marker, almost foolproof. I would say that a child could do it.. but I wouldn't try that - nobody wants liner in their eyeball. It has a nice matte black finish but I'll be doing an in depth product review on this one very soon to tell you more about it - no pressure Schwing.

'Mary-Lou Manizer'
If you haven't heard of The Balm's 'Mary-Lou Manizer' by now you've clearly been hiding under a rock for awhile... (you probably haven't been, don't worry. Haha). This highlight is pretty much a cult product for the brand. I've heard rave reviews everywhere but when I went to pick it up in Make Up Forever Dublin, it had just sold out - fail. This little gem was definitely worth the wait though. This honey hued highlight can also be used as a shadow - it's beyond pigmented you guys. So so pretty.

... and so, my obsession with highlights continues.

I'll be popping up a makeup look next week using a few of these products, so keep a lookout for that!

Thanks again to the guys at The Balm for the lovely goodies, they've found themselves a very good home! :P

Remember to follow the guys at The Balm over on their Twitter account for more give-aways like this one!

Have you tried out anything from The Balm?
Let me know in the comments below!

XO, G.

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