25 Aug 2014

10 Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Let's face it, we all love a good hack in life whether it's beauty related or not - anything that's gonna make something faster or easier is always good in my books. Haha. I swear, I'm not as lazy as I sound.

Today I thought I'd throw together a few beauty hacks (I say hacks because it makes them sound important. Haha) that I've learned over the years that may be of some use to you all!

1 - Mascara - It's one of my favourite makeup products but I can't help but somehow plaster my skin in the stuff when I'm applying it - but fear not!! If you've had an accident with the mascara, no need to get out the baby wipes and start wiping away half of your makeup with it. Wait for the mascara to completely dry, then grab a q-tip and swipe it away. It'll flake off so easily and make it look like you know what you're doing with a mascara wand. Haha.

2 - If you find that bobby pins have zero grip in your hair and slide out constantly, spray them with a lil' bitta hairspray. It'll make them more tacky. Those babies won't be going anywhere soon!

3 - Another hairspray trick! If you're heading out for the night in a new pair of heels and you can find yourself slipping all over the place before you've even left the house, spray some hairspray on the soles of your shoes! I'm clumsy as hell, so I'll still manage to fall over somehow, but at least it won't be due to my slippery shoes! Haha.

4 - I'm sure lots of people know this little trick already but anyhoos. To stop yourself from having one of those awkward moments when you're caught with lipstick all over your teeth, after you've applied your lipstick, stick a finger in your mouth, close your lips over your finger and drag it out - you'll find the stuff that may have got all over your teeth will now be on your finger - problem solved!

5 - To achieve the perfect manicure, apply a few thin layers of nail polish rather than one big old thick one. Trust me, it'll dry quicker, look better and save you going back trying to fix what you just done!

6 - Don't just apply perfume randomly - spray it to the areas where it'll be most likely to last the longest aka. behind the ears, at the base of the throat, your wrists & elbows. You'll be smelling faboosh all day long gurl!

7 - Don't waste makeup products that come in tubes! When you think it's coming near it's end, cut the tube open, scoop out what's left and put in an empty jar - theres probably more there than you'd think!

8 - Don't throw away your favourite mascara brushes. Clean them and use them with other mascaras who's formulas you love but who's brushes you don't!

9 - Having problems with your hair being frizzy when you go to dry it? Other than using de-frizzing sprays and the likes, if you dry your hair with a t-shirt rather than a towel you'll create less friction and voila, less frizz!

10 - To create a more flawless (you gotta say it like Beyonce) base, make sure to dab your setting powder over your liquid foundation rather than sweep it - sweeping will just remove the work you've already done by wiping away half of your foundation!

What are your favourite beauty hacks?
Let me know in the comments, I could always use some more!

XO, G.

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