7 Aug 2014

Bad Beauty Blogger

Considering that my blog concentrates heavily on all things beauty related, you'd probably assume that I follow the 'Beauty Rulebook' down to the last letter. Well a big old LOL to that. Like anybody else, I do try my best but sometimes I just get plain lazy / stuck in bad habits and one thing leads to another and next thing you know I'm getting thrown in Beauty Blogger jail for Blasphemy.
... well it's not as intense as that, but ya know.

So what am I doing that I shouldn't be doing?... Well I suppose I've gotta tell ya now!

No Proper Skincare Routine
Sweet baby J, committing to a skincare routine must be one of the most difficult things in the world to do... well I don't know about you, but it is for me anyhoos. I suppose taking off my makeup is the first step and I do use cleanser, moisturiser and eye-cream - but as far as 'routines' go, mine is more or less non-existent. When I see bloggers write about their skincare routines and they start pulling out all the big guns from serums to balms I sit there looking like 'what even? ...'.  On top of that, the price of skincare - stahhhpp! It's like I'm buying freekin' diamonds but I suppose your skin is priceless so I'm determined to get into good habits. If you've got any suggestions for oily / combo skin, do let me know!

Biting My Lips
... and not in the sexy 'come hither' way. Haha. I'm terrible for this and it's really a habit more than anything. Don't get me wrong, my lips aren't in bits and all gross looking but biting them when they're dry probably doesn't do them much good. It definitely doesn't help when you're wearing matte lipsticks anyways - uh uh, no thank ya sir! I'm gonna have to invest in some balms and scrubs - again, suggestions welcome!

Skimping On The Old SPF
This is nearly as bad as the whole skincare thing. I do wear SPF on my body if I'm walking around in the sun (and I mean on holidays, not Irish 'sun') because I burn ridiculously easy - yes, I'm talking pasty skin to a full blown tomato - but my face is a whole other story. I tend to rely way too much on the SPF in my makeup alone just because we don't get much intense sun in Ireland. That being said, I've never burned my face (touch wood, wouldn't like to see what I'd look like then) but I'm sure the sun has other effects on your facial skin?

Rubbing My Eyes
Remember I said I use an eye-cream?... Well this probably just cancels out anything my cream is supposed to be doing. I put rubbing my eyes down to my hay fever because that's the only time I seem to do it. I don't do it much when the pollen isn't being a little bitch. Even that little amount is too much rubbing. Where is the first place that wrinkles appear? Yup, your eyes and by rubbing my eyes I might as well be saying come and get 'em wrinkles, while they're still young-un's!

Heat Styling My Hair Too Much
I'm sure I'm not the only one that's guilty of this little habit! I've been heat styling my hair since I was about 13 / 14 and that's where all my lovely split ends originated. As you all know, I started wearing hair extensions about 2 and a half years ago (read my post here) because I just couldn't get my hair to grow and it'd been so long since I'd had long flowing locks. Sob, sob. However, in the past 5 months or so, since I've had Great Lengths, my hair has started to grow like it's nobodies business. Why? Because I'm forcing myself to put the straighteners down. I'm slightly tempted to glue them to something so that I physically can't pick them up - maybe throwing them out would make more sense! Haha.

So tell me gals, what are your worst beauty habits?
I won't tell a soul. ;)

XO, G.

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