15 Aug 2014

6 Makeup Brushes I Couldn't Live Without | Feat. MAC & Blank Canvas


I get asked a lot about what makeup brushes I use to achieve the looks I post up on the blog, so I thought I'd do a quick round up of the ones that I literally use, without fail, erryday. My brush collection in general is made up of a mixture of MAC & Blank Canvas brushes - so you don't have to search a billion and one places if you wanna pick these up yourself! Both brands also cover each end of the cost spectrum - Blank Canvas being on the lower end (they're still amazing quality and would give MAC a run for their money).

You've probably heard it a thousand times but I totally believe if you want a flawless finish you do need good tools and I'm in no way saying that they need to be expensive but they at least need to be clean. Haha.

Foundation / Powder Brushes

I do alternate between foundation brushes but as of recent I've been reaching for my Blank Canvas F14 Brush (the one on the left). I'm not even sure if this one's made for foundation application but I tend to use my brushes for whatever I want, sometimes you get the best use out a brush when you use it in the 'wrong' way. Haha. It's super soft, as are all of their brushes and I find it buffs foundation into your skin really well! My favourite foundation brush so far!

For powder, I use my MAC 150 fluffy powder brush erryday! Again, it's super soft (especially just after it's been washed, like a baby's bottom!) and gives your base a really nice finish.


Uh huh, I do realise that these look like pretty much the same brush but you guyssss they're so different! Haha.

First is my Blank Canvas E42 small tapered blending brush. Good lord you don't know how much I love this brush. It's the purrrfect size for getting into your crease and giving your shadow a little more depth and also works really nicely under the eye (no it's not one of those brushes that will stab you in the eyeball! Haha). Such a gorgeous little brush.

Then you've got my MAC 224 brush. This is a slightly bigger version of the Blank Canvas E42. It's a less tapered brush, so it's really great to use as your 'clean blender' to make everything look seamless. I do also use this in the crease.

Blank Canvas' E27 is a very new favourite. I only got my hands on it last week but I'm already in love. I've used it both on myself and on clients for makeup and it's quickly become a staple! This petite detailer is great for creating soft cut creases, for darkening the outer corner of the eye and for getting right up close to the lower lash line!


Last but not least, my MAC 263. I've literally been using this brush since I was 16 / 17 to fill in my brows and NOTHING else. Because it's so tiny, it gives your brows great definition. I really would be lost without this brush - no joking, it's happened before and I had no idea what to do. Haha.

I'm constantly on the lookout for new makeup brushes, so if there are any brands I should try out let me know in the comments!!

XO, G.

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