12 Aug 2014

The Makeup Timer Test

Heyuh Love-bugs!

I stumbled across this little blogger tag on Lily Pebbles a few weeks ago and thought it was pretty much made for me considering my lovely other half is constantly complaining about how much time I spend in front of the mirror every morning putting on my face - I can't be the only one right?

I should probably let you know that this is my most basic makeup look (I've worn it a lot this Summer because it's so lightweight in the heat), so if I do anything more than this, on my eyes especially, you could probably add another 10 / 15 minutes onto my total... whoops!

So how did I get on?

Turns out that it takes me 32 minutes and 30 seconds to put on my totally standard makeup look...

Well a big old LOL to that! Haha. I thought I'd be much quicker, especially for the most simple makeup look you'll see on me. This calls for the little emoji of the monkey with its hands over its eyes. :P

Here's what I used:

Inglot YSM Foundation | MUFE Full Coverage Concealer | Translucent Setting Powder | MAC's 'Uninterrupted' Shadow as Contour

Benefit's 'Browzings'

MAC 'Soft Ochre' Paint Pot | MAC 'Uninterrupted' | MAC 'Woodwinked' | Black Kohl Pencil | Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara

MAC 'Spice' Lip Liner | MAC 'Patisserie' Lipstick

I'm ever so slightly embarrassed that it takes me that long to make myself look respectable in the morning but I totes put it down to still being half asleep... :P I'd like to officially let B know that he's right - I do take forever in the morning! Haha. My Bad!

Think you could do any better? Here's how to take part in the tag yourself:

1. Set your stopwatch to record each step, stopping and resetting in between each one. Don't forget to write down the timings! 

2. Do your everyday makeup routine at your usual speed, don't feel rushed. 

3. Write a post with your timings and a list of what makeup you used. 

XO, G.

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