14 Aug 2014

Throwback Thursday | Tumblr Trends

Welcome to my first ever Throwback Thursday here on the blawwggg!

Last week I found myself flicking through old pictures on my laptop when all of a sudden I came across some outfit snaps and my Tumblr days all came flooding back (Oh lawwwddd!). I'm not sure that I ever told anyone I knew about my Tumblr account, apart from the very few that were on Tumblr - I'm talkin' 3 people max - but it turns out that I was clearly attempting to start a blog long before 'grace'd' ever materialised and I didn't even realise it.

Let me throw ya'll back a good 2 years ago when I was slap bang in the middle of my University degree. I had finally shed my stress pounds from my Leaving Cert study days (I eat when I'm anxious... and most other times too :P) and started to get a little more confidant in the way I wanted to dress. A mixture of my new figure and my obsession with blogs and YouTube all culminated in me starting my first ever 'blog'. It wasn't named anything fancy and I couldn't figure out how to design snazzy templates - I just posted OOTD's, so it's probably the most basic thing you've ever seen in your life.

I decided it'd be funny / embarrassing / great for your enjoyment to throw up a few snaps of what used to be my 'blog'. Get yourself ready for some terribly bad photography (selfie central) and some OOTD's - you don't get them much around here (I promise I'll start again soon). :P

Look 1:
A lovely Summery look with a fabulously pawed mirror. Haha.

Look 2:
Clearly I was loving those blue jeans and that fab statement necklace (*cough* still love it *cough*)...

Oooohh.. even included a little hair shot in this one! It's sad, but I can totally remember I copied this from a tutorial that Juicystar07 put up on her YouTube Channel! Haha.

Look 3:
Oh hey Flashy McFlasherson - couldn't have taken the flash off for that one Grace? Nope? K.

Look 4:
Before you ask, yes, I wore heels almost erryday. Oh well, werk what your Mama gave ya!

This ring from Juicy Couture is still one of my faves!

Look 5:
Not even gonna lie, I really like this outfit... the background however. Typical dorm room. Haha.

Look 6:
Again, another look I actually like! Haha. Clearly my style was improving as time went on! Holla! :P

And that's about all the throwbacks of terribly bad photography I can handle for today! Haha.

I do hope you enjoyed having a little LOL with me though - and if you do want to check out my Tumblr, it's actually still live so pop on over if you wish! http://gracedenny.tumblr.com

XO, G.

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