13 Aug 2014

Three Hump Day Treats!

Hiiyuuuhh Love-bugs!

Guess what I just done to make that mid-week slump a little more exciting - actually, there's no need to guess, I'm sure you've figured it out from the picture! Yussss, I've went and picked myself up some 'much needed' goodies. Haha.

I've been a little bit bold with buying more makeup than I normally do recently, so I thought a few more things wouldn't hurt... LOL - my poor bank balance.

(Top Swatch - MUFE Concealer | Bottom Swatch - Inglot YSM Foundation)

Let me let you in on a lil' secret - I'm completely obsessed with trying out new concealers / foundations to see if they can withstand the oil-pit that is my face. (Haha - Sounds very attractive. :P) These two are now the newest in my arsenal - Inglot's YSM Foundation and MUFE's Full Cover Concealer.

I picked up Inglot's YSM after a masterclass with a few of their fab MUA's. The girls had informed me that YSM stands for Young Skin Makeup and the foundation is actually formulated to sooth breakouts - eh, #winning! I don't break out often but when that time of the month comes around, all hell breaks loose. Haha. So far I've found the coverage really nice and it's definitely helping those pesky spots!

MUFE's Full Cover Concealer was another 'MUA made me buy it situation'. Like my liquid liners, I'm also a bit picky with my concealers - I rather liquid concealers to solid formed concealers like Benefit's Erase Paste, I was a fan back in the day but my taste has changed. This stuff is super good, let me tell ya! The coverage is fantastic and I haven't used anything else since I've picked it up. What's best, you can use it as an all over foundation if you mix it with something like L'Oreal's Lumi Magique. LAHHHVE this one!

Now this purchase was actually a necessity. Could I find a dark brown liner in my makeup stash when I went looking for one last week? Nope! So I picked up L'Oreal's Colour Riche Le Kohl in 102 Pure Espresso. This isn't fab along the waterline to be honest, the colour doesn't show up too pigmented, but it's super pretty smudged along the upper and lower lash line if you're going for a softer or a grungy look!

And those are my Hump Day treats for myself!

What do you do to get out of the mid-week slump?
Let me know in the comments, it might help to make my bank balance feel a little better! Haha.

XO, G.

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