22 Aug 2014

Face Full Of Fuschia | Brand Focus

Heyuuhh Love-bugs!

I'm just gonna be honest and start off this post by saying that literally the day before these little bad boys from Fuschia landed at my doorstep, I had read a bit of a negative review of the brand. Naturally enough, when I rummaged through the box to test the products out yesterday I didn't have very high expectations... but let's see how I got on, shall we?

First of all, I tried to use as many of the products as physically possible in the one makeup look so that you could get a lil' look see at them. I haven't photographed the Primer or Highlighter as they're only little samples but I'm definitely happy with them. The face primer is as good as Baby Skin from Maybelline and the highlighter actually reminds me a little of Benefit's 'High Beam' - always a good sign. But let's get on to the rest...


'Vamp' Lipstick - €13.50
Vamp is... just that.. vampy! Haha. It's a gorgeous burgundy shade that I can't wait to start wearing now that we're transitioning into Autumn - it's gonna be very purdy! The finish is somewhat like MAC's Lustre finish - it's got a fab sheen but weirdly enough feels a little stiff when you're applying it (almost like a matte lipstick would). It does seem to melt into the lips and get softer as it wears. I'd recommend you pop this in your handbag for touch-ups as it does wear away if you're eating, like many lipsticks do - you might expect a bit more from this though considering it's pricing is on par with MAC (€13.50). But I can't fault it other than that. It's a fab shade - I got tonnes of compliments on this today too!

'Eggplant' Lip Pencil - €12.96
Now this... this I LOVE! I've got a bit of an obsession with lip pencils that's starting to show it's evil little face. Haha. So I've basically been picking up lip pencils left, right and centre. What I like about this - other than the gorgeous colour is the fact that it's so soft. It applies like an absolute dream - I even had to show my Moma! Haha. I would easily use this on it's own with a bit of gloss and be happy bunny! The lasting power is also on point - it was still there when the lipstick wasn't.

Two for you Fuschia!

'Party Girl' & 'Love Affair' Lip Laquer (Full Size - €16.50)
Another one of my favourites from the bunch. These are so freekin' pigmented you guys! They also feel so buttery and yummy on your lips. They're really similar to Rimmel Apocolips but a lot less sticky - which is great! No hair stuck in the lipstick prollems! There really isn't much more I can say. I like 'em & I'll definitely be usin' 'em!


Brow Wax Kit - €15.50
I've gotta say, I was a little bit sceptical in using this stuff at first because it's so similar to my Browzings kit from Benefit and ya'll know that shizz is ma baby! But I must admit defeat - this was really great. It's nice and compact, includes a powder and a wax.. and a mirror (the bottom flips up) and it tamed the beasts that are my brows at the minute (they need sorting out badly). I think I'll be turning to this little thang soon as my Browzings kit is nearing it's end!

'Make-Your-Own' Five Pan Palette - €40
Again.. another one I was slightly sceptical about but only because of my love of Inglot at the minute. For a five pan palette I'm pretty sure Inglot & Fuschia come in at the same price... if not, they're very close. I wasn't expecting the shadows to be too pigmented... they are. Gotta give them credit where it's due. I actually really like this as a little neutrals palette! The wine colour is fab - nice little addition!

So what's the final verdict?...
Overall, I think my low expectations were kinda turned on their head. Apart from a few little mishaps with the lasting power of the lipstick, the quality and pigmentation of everything else seemed really nice. I'll definitely be reaching for the lip lacquers and the lip pencil again super soon. If I was to pick out something small - I could see people having some issues with the pricing of a few of the items - but you tell  me? What do you think? 

Fuschia have two stand alone stores in Drogheda & Swords and can be found in countless beauticians around the country - they're definitely worth checking out!

Have you tried anything from Fuschia?

XO, G.

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