5 Aug 2014

The Who's Who To Follow On Instagram

I'm slightly ashamed to say that the first thing I do in the morning is reach for my phone to check out what happened on social media while I was sleeping - I know, sad but that's how I roll... and I'm sure that's how a lot of people roll too (I see you all hanging your heads. Haha).

I've gotta admit though, I'm a bit of a sucker for Instagram. Whether I'm uploading my own makeup looks, searching for a bitta style inspo or letting you all know what I'm eating (Yup I'm one of those. Haha.) you'll rarely find me off of the app.

Since I've been in the Insta-loop, I've gathered up a right old number of accounts that I follow, so I thought I'd fill you all in on a few of my faves!

Julie SariƱana | @sincerelyjules
It's probably not much of a shocker that I'm including this lovely lady in this post. If you can remember way back to January (yes, when the blog was only a little tyke), I popped up a post about 'My Current Style Crush' and Julie was the lady of the moment. To be honest, not much has changed since - I'm still completely obsessed with the way that this gal styles clothes. Of course, stalking her blog wasn't good enough, I needed something else to satisfy my addiction and found her account and boy does this one know how to take some good pictures. If you looked up 'Instagram Pro' in the dictionary you'd probably find her face somewhere there. She'll make your food selfies & OOTD's look like your 4 year old cousin took them. You'll find lots of style, travel and foodie pics in this one!

Zoe Sugg | @zozeebo
I'm popping this one in here because of my little YouTube addiction. I probably watch more YouTube videos than I do TV shows. I'm sure you fellow YouTubers/YouTube Addicts know who Zoe is... and if you don't, you should - get on it gurrll! Also known as 'Zoella' on YouTube, on Zoe's account you'll be sure to find lots of travel & fashion snaps, always with a quirky / vintage twist, and for good measure you'll probably get an appearance from several other YouTubers - I can pick out 3 in the picture above! She's such a little doll!

Heidi Hamoud | @heidimakeupartist
This addition to my faves is to satisfy all you makeup geeks. I actually found Heidi through another blogger and completely fell in love with the way that she applied makeup. This little babe is pretty much a self taught makeup artist from Australia who has got tonnes and tonnes of recognition for her faboosh artistry on Instagram - yup, that little 'followers' total is almost up around the 900k mark! Most recently she's started up a blog and a YouTube channel so you can see errthang she does up close and personal! You've gotta check this one out!

Monica Rose | @monicarosestyle
Monica, probably more well known as stylist to the Kardashians and Giulianna Ranic, is another one of my all time faves. Not only do I rely on this gal for some seriously good personal style inspo but I also can't get enough of her little baby gurl Alaia. Monica uses her Instagram to document little snaps of her daughters day to day style. From tutus and mini Celine bags to leather biker jackets and Balenciaga - this is Micro Fashion at its best. Love. Love. Love.

Zendaya Coleman | @zendaya
Being a huge Disney girl at heart, I don't think I could have wrapped up my favourites without throwing in a little Disney starlet for good measure. At only 17 years old Zendaya's got style I'd kill for... if only I'd dressed that well at 17. Sigh. Seriously though guys, think mini-Beyonce. She knows what she's doing. Every time I see her post a picture of her nails I have to fight the urge to go get my acrylics done again. Another account full of style, back stage moments and nail posts that will make you green with envy!

So there are my top 5 Instagrammer's of the moment!

Don't forget to pop over and follow my Instagram account - @gracedenny - just so I can stalk yours right back! You'll find lots of makeup posts that might not make it on to the blog! :)

Who do you think I need to follow next?

XO, G.

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