21 Aug 2014

CAUTION! - 15 Things You Should Know Before You Start Blogging

Well 'caution' is a very strong word... Haha.
If you're starting a blog you'll become aware of these things verrrry quickly. If you're already a blogger, you'll be all too familiar with what I'm about to say. Haha.

Social Media?... Not so social. Ignoring the boy when he comes over so that you can promote your blog on Twittahh / refresh your Instagram feed over and over again - yeah, that's frowned upon.

Those iPhone photos you thought were amazing... not so much. (Filters aren't always your friend).

There are endless shades of 'nude' lipsticks... you need them all.

Not allowing anybody to eat before you take countless photos of everybody's meal doesn't go down too well.

On a similar note... people will stare at you when you're at said meal bending over backwards to get the perfect angle for said photos.

Selfies = a full blown photoshoot.

Everything you own will slowly turn into a blog post.

You'll run around every room in the house until you find the perfect lighting for your pictures.

You'll find motivation to write blog posts at the most inappropriate times - e.g. When you gotsta get yo' butt outta bed early but it's 2 am and you're feelin' more creative than ever.

It is impossible to take less than 30 photos for a FOTD - at least 28 of them will be useless, stupid face.

You will never not hashtag a picture or tweet in your life again... EVARR!

You will start to watch YouTube more than you watch television.

'Woodwinked', 'Soft & Gentle', 'Spice' - you should know what these are.

Blogging will take up a lot more of your time than you first thought.

There are specific poses to strike when taking photos of your makeup for a blog post - SMIZE!

This phrase will be used a lot - 'I wish I had [insert fashion bloggers name here]'s wardrobe!!!'.

XO, G.

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